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Walking in the garden of the mind..

That’s the title of my newest book, which is a collection of my shorter pieces–essays, short stories and a few papers I gave at conferences–which has just been released by the small Australian publisher, Altair Australia Books. Nearly all of … Continue reading

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Shall we dance?

For those who are actual scene from ‘Melo’, the film mentioned in my last entry.

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A glimpse into early French ‘talkies’..

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research on early French ‘Talkie’ films, not only as background for my 1930’s crime series, which has a great deal to do with the film world, but also because my paternal grandfather, Robert-Rene … Continue reading

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A Catholic upbringing..

Tim Dunlop has a very nice post up at Road to Surfdom, about his Catholic education Reading it, and the comments people made on it, made me reflect once again on just what it is that my own Catholic education … Continue reading

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The first Kurdish President of Iraq!

Amazing news this morning–Jalal Talabani, the respected and doughty Kurdish leader of the ‘peshmergas’ (literally ‘those who walk with death’) and the founder of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, has been elected President of Iraq. He is the first Kurd … Continue reading

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Do audiences hate Alison Ashley, too?

Another sad thing to report on the Australian film front, as yet another ‘great white hope’ looks set to segue into ‘big flat flop.’ Apparently, the film version of Robin Klein’s well-loved, funny, tender and whimsical novel of school and … Continue reading

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New media’s form and future?

I was asked recently by the editors of Online Opinion to write a short op-ed piece on what I saw as the future of new media, such as blogs. I thought Troppo readers might be interested in the piece, which … Continue reading

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