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Hooray for ABC2 Re-broadcasting The Wire”

just thought Id drop in here and offer a heads-up for Troppo readers that ABC will be re-broadcasting the first three series of The Wire on ABC2 at 9:30. Continue reading

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Japan, Brazil and Croatia: Rating Our Opposition

World Cup is of and running, and with the opening games we have already had a taste of some of the teams from around globe, which has sent body-clocks adjusting to a new form of nocturnal existence as thousands of viewers patiently wade through the early hours of mornings hoping to witness their favoured game. And already there have been plenty of highlights, the Germany-Costa Rica offering an exciting opening to proceedings with the Swiss-cheese defence on show providing plenty of goal-scoring highlights (Germany winning 4-2 with two superb long-range strikes giving the hosts an early three points).

We’ll also preview the Socceroos opponents, my running the rule over Japan, Brazil and Croatia to determine whether the national team can for the first time make it beyond the group stages. Continue reading

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Rating the Socceroos’ Chances in Germany

It may not seem that long ago that John Aloisi planted that penalty in the top-right corner of the net to send the Socceroos through to their first World Cup finals in thirty-two years. And with the kick-off of the World Cup in Germany now only six weeks away, how much can we expect from the national team? Can Guus Hiddink command another semi-final appearance with another World Cup minnow or do the Socceroos have a lot to learn before they can compete with the global giants of football?
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Hoping Against Hope

With election results expected to be released shortly I am not at all optimistic about the chances of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. But hopefully I will be proven wrong and The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will succeed … Continue reading

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Vale Arthur Miller

American playwright Arthur Miller has passed away at the age of 89. A writer who helped shape the face of American theatre, Miller’s voice will be a continual presence for many generations to come and will probably remain on the … Continue reading

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Shanky-Ho Spin and Post-Modern Politics

Published in both of Fairfax broadsheets this morning are Op-Ed articles by John Laughland, which attempt to provide the most generous spin possible for the Yanukovich government in Ukraine. Surprisingly this article was sourced from the Guardian, the same newspaper … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Musing

With so much commentary on the upcoming contest between “Ease the Squeeze” and “Be Inert and Embalmed” I thought I’d shift attention to Scandinavia where once again a decision will be shortly announced for the winner of the Nobel Prize … Continue reading

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