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The national interest

Last week the Prime Minister made a plea to the House, for the members to vote in the national interest, not their party interest. Where are the members of the ALP who are voting in the national interest?

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Jacques Barzun approaches 102

I appreciate that this has been posted before and nobody has to read it again, it is just for the benefit of new people and those who like to be reminded of the achievements of this remarkable man. Barzun’s work … Continue reading

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Major shift on legal responsibility of pubs

The High Court has ruled that people serving alcohol are not at risk of of  massive claims for damages if a drinker comes to grief on the way home. One would hope that commonsense will prevail and folk will conform with … Continue reading

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Peter Coleman on holding the thin anti-red line

Peter Coleman described the rise and fall of the Congress for Cultural Freedom which started at one of the darkest moments of the Cold War. In the Preface to The Liberal Conspiracy: The Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Struggle for … Continue reading

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A tribute to Quadrant magazine

As we celebrate the Fall of the Wall 20 years ago we should remember the  effort that was put in by the friends of freedom in the West during the Cold War. I am thinking of the  worldwide network of … Continue reading

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Green religion on the march

Interesting development! Last week a UK High Court gave the green light for a green activist to sue his employer, who had sacked him for refusing to do an errand because it conflicted with his green beliefs. For intellectual ballast, … Continue reading

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Soros on market fundamentalism

George Soros picked up the idea of  the open society from Karl Popper at the London School of  Economics and he spent a great deal of money promoting the idea through Open Society Institutes in Eastern Europe. Lately he has moved … Continue reading

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