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The cost of positivism in the 20th century

Toby Huff in Max Weber and the Methodology of the Social Scienes (Transaction Books, 1984) suggested that the philosophy of science that Weber was reading read at the turn of the century was in better shape than the positivism that … Continue reading

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Causes of the financial crisis

Jeffrey Friedman has produced a special edition of Critical Review devoted to various perspectives on the crisis. Among the contributors are Friedman himself, Joe Stiglitz, Vernon Smith and Lawrence White All the abstracts are here. Friedman wrote a long lead … Continue reading

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Ranking economics bloggers

A paper called Blogometrics has created a ranking of economics bloggers and their blogs based on citations of their academic publications. Hat tip to The Economic Way of Thinking (Beaulier, Boettke and Prykitcho). My new, outstanding colleague in Econ, Frank … Continue reading

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Pirate talk & doubts on the Chinese miracle

A couple of interesting pieces, courtesy of Michael Warby, a tireless provider of hot links. This is an interview with a Somali pirate, feel free to take it with a pinch of pirate salt! How are the pirates organized? (Are … Continue reading

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Leszek Kolakowski RIP

A late call on the departure of the distinguished scholar Leszek Kolakowski. A short obituary. Starting off as an orthodox Marxist in postwar Poland, Kolakowski became progressively disenchanted and his calls for a more democratic version of socialism led him … Continue reading

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The Adventure of Science

This book sounds like a lot of fun. A history of science with a touch of humour and a good flavour of the characters involved. Reviewed here. In order to structure his big, sweeping book about such issues, Mr. Holmes … Continue reading

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Frank Devine RIP

Frank Devine passed away on Friday morning. He enriched the lives of many people, whether or not they agreed with his views on politics, religion or anything else. An early tribute can be found in The Australian, from Bernard Lane … Continue reading

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