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The Manne meltdown

“I must admit to having no compence in economics whatsoever” wrote Robert Manne in the Introduction to The New Conservatism in Australia (1982). He proceeded to demonstrate the truth of that admission by turning his face against economic reform and … Continue reading

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The remarkable career of Mark Blaug

Mark Blaug (1937- ) was born in the Netherlands, raised in the US and became a naturalised Briton in 1982. He made far reaching contributions to a range of topics in economic thought. In addition to work on the economics … Continue reading

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Populism vs contractual obligations

Peter Klein at Organizations and Markets offers some calming thoughts on the AIG bonus debate. 1. The main lesson is that AIG should never, ever have been bailed out with taxpayer dollars. I said that at the beginning, and I … Continue reading

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Abusing the balance of power

It it not necessary to be a fan of the Rudd administration or the alcopops tax to deplore the horse-trading that is going on to hold the Government to ransom on legislation to ratify the tax. Abuse of the Senate … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson: welcome to the blogosphere!

There is an interesting new boy on the block! Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog is sure to be stimulating read because he has a good memory and he knows where a lot of bodies are buried. He has a long … Continue reading

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Hayek gets Inflation by the balls

An amusing post by Greg Ransom on Taking Hayek Seriously. Based on the story of Hayek’s visit to Australia in 1976 as told by Ron Kitching with some more background on Catallaxy. In brief, Ron Kitching and the late Roger … Continue reading

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Treasury always supports foreign investments. It believes resources should flow to wherever they earn the best return. It says overseas investment is especially important for Australia because we depend on foreigners to fund our capital expansion. And in these financially … Continue reading

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