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China-US travel bleg

I’m heading off overseas with my 15 year old son. Turns out the cheapest way to get to the US, where we’re spending most of our time is via China. And, in case you’re interested and didn’t know of it, … Continue reading

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Dear Nokia: a plea for simplicity. Guest post by Mike Pepperday

Dear Nokia, I hear you have fallen on hard times. I have two product suggestions: 1. Make a mobile that is purely a telephone 2. Make a phone in the shape of a pen The two could well be combined. … Continue reading

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Mac Malware Bleg

Malware is slowing down my Mac :( For a month or so I had a small Bing sponsored magnifying glass appear over all graphics.  Then it went. But now, whenever I’m on a news-site I get a ‘Discovery Bar’ appearing at … Continue reading

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Our language and how it changes . . . and doesn’t

Our language is changing all the time and is probably changing faster than at any time in its history. We now tweet things and Google them and have LOLs AFAIK. In any event there are some things our language is … Continue reading

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Most significant philanthropic grants in Australia

This is an email I received earlier today from Karen Mahlab – and I offered to reproduce it here for the delectation and contribution of Troppodillians everywhere. The winner of the competition will be flown steerage to London for a weekend … Continue reading

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Where equity and efficiency thrive together: Can you propose some more examples?

Economists love tradeoffs. Indeed, their basic model of the world breaks down where such tradeoffs don’t occur. Lucky for them since the world really is full of tradeoffs. If you want more carrots, you’ll have to do with fewer of something else. Here they’re … Continue reading

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Reliable web hosting bleg

As some readers may have noticed (assuming you can access us at all), the performance of Troppo is still distinctly dodgy despite Jacques shifting from his original choice of WordPress web host. Its name was WpEngine and it provided next … Continue reading

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