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  What is in the foreground of this picture. It is somewhere in Southern England around Salisbury.  The winning entry will fly first class to London to pick up the Troppo Mercedes Sports from the panelbeater – who’s had about … Continue reading

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Predictions versus outcomes in 2013?

In the last 5 years, I have made a point of giving clear predictions on complex socio-economic issues. I give predictions partially to improve my own understanding of humanity: nothing sharpens the thoughts as much as having to actually predict … Continue reading

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What is this?

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New Troppo truthiness competition – find a column with more bollocks in it than Paul Sheehan’s latest

A Troppodillian referred me to this column by Paul Sheehan. It is a very truthy column. Yea verily. Your task, should you decide to accept it, is to point us to another column which is more misguided and ill-informed than it is. … Continue reading

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Caption Comp

I don’t know much about this picture except that it seems to be begging to have a caption competition about it.  And here at Troppo, we’re never afraid of a challenge. Nothing is too serious to trivialise. So please supply … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Nicholas!

When the boss wins the Christmas raffle it’s customary to draw again, and I wish I could think of an excuse to offer the prize in the election tipping contest to someone else. But you have to hand it to … Continue reading

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Predict the election, raise funds for Pakistan

I have no doubt about it. Labor will be returned with an increased majority. With one week to go, the election campaign has descended to a level of debate at which rational argument is irrelevant. There’s little point in having … Continue reading

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