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The Great Covid Panic: now out!

It’s here, the booklet I am sure you have all been waiting for. The one which Gigi Foster and Michael Baker slaved over for 10 months. It is dedicated to all the victims of the Panic, in poor countries and … Continue reading

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Introducing! The podcast reader

I thought you’d like to know of a venture I’m on the board of which is a global monthly magazine being published out of Melbourne dedicated to publishing the best podcast interviews of the month as a printed magazine for … Continue reading

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The strange origins of Melbourne’s $100bn Suburban Rail Loop

I spent some time last year planning a piece for a commercial media client about the Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop, a planned underground rail tunnel through Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and then out, partly above-ground, to the west. I had to … Continue reading

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Truth and love must overcome lies and hatred: The contemporary relevance of John Macmurray

Below is the introduction to an essay I’ve written about a Scottish mid-20th-century philosopher John Macmurray. Like my essay on Polanyi, this was partly a way for me to go through his work and set it down for myself. But … Continue reading

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Our superannuation system

I compiled a list of thoughts about our own superannuation system in response to a journalist from elsewhere thinking about pensions in their own country and asking me for a rundown on Australia’s system. Via various accords with their union … Continue reading

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Pragmatic utilitarianism?

I have been a utilitarian for about 30 years now and am seen in my academic work as an extreme version of the genre. I did my Phd on the topic. I do not merely say that governments should make … Continue reading

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Critical race theory

‘Critical race theory’ is the perfect villain Christopher Rufo I wonder if I can keep this post short and sweet. Only by reminding myself that I’d like to write about his after much more consideration and effort. So can I … Continue reading

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