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Joy Braddish on homelessness after the COVID measures

I’d like to introduce Joy Braddish who’s studying for a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism.  She’s undertaking an internship at Lateral Economics where one of the things she’s helping us with is making … Continue reading

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Guest post from Gene Tunny: Freeing Fiscal Policy from political tinkering – podcast discussion with Nicholas Gruen

This podcast is quite a lively exploration of a proposal of mine that is – frightenly – a quarter of a century old! Below is Gene Tunny’s introduction to his podcast interview with me. NG Last month, in a Financial … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, Part 1: McGurk

As one the best illustrations of the way our minds deal with uncertainty, consider the following video. Please listen and watch at least 30 seconds so you can experience the three sequences of spoken words. Pretty much all humans who … Continue reading

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A World Anti-Hysteria Organisation?

The essential governance problem in March 2020 in Western countries was the overwhelming demand of the vast majority of the population to do something dramatic in response to their fear. There was a clamour to be ‘led to safety’ by … Continue reading

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What would a wellbeing budget look like? Hint: Not like New Zealand’s

Herewith a podcast interview of me setting out my case that the New Zealand Wellbeing Budget has a relationship to wellbeing which corresponds to a Pirates Ball’s relationship to pirates. It’s ‘themed‘ as promoting wellbeing rather than being thoughtfully crafted … Continue reading

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Behavioural insights as the new scientism?

I thought I posted this talk from some time ago on Troppo when I gave it back in October, but I can’t find it. So here it is. Apologies if it’s already here. As ever, a raw machine read transcription … Continue reading

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Cracking the code: How to tell what News Corp really thinks about the price of links

News Corp is telling us what Google should really pay for linking to its sites. It’s telling us in code. And the answer is … $0.00. What is an Internet link worth? For most of the Internet’s life, this question … Continue reading

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