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Histories of the Great Panic.

How will Western historians in 2050 remember 2020? In scenario 1, “The Great Panic, a lost generation”, I sketch my best guess. Scenario 2, “A job well done” is the one I imagine many current Western governments hope is told. … Continue reading

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How culture war is destroying public reason: COVID edition

Cross-posted from The Mandarin (and written about ten days ago, so it fails to mention Adelaide’s latest snafu). Lockdowns, border closures, masks, apps and eradication. Where do you stand?  One can’t sensibly address any of these issues without knowing more … Continue reading

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The vaccine and the COVID culture war

Well, we look like getting a vaccine! Of course managing the policy response to the virus could know of this only as a possibility. But, looking like it is coming to pass, that possibility seems to produce a final scorecard … Continue reading

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Capitalism and democracy: can a difficult marriage be patched up?

Here’s a great lecture by Martin Wolf who’s writing a book on capitalism and democracy. It’s well worth watching I think. And, as is my custom, and despite Paul’s thinking that the result is so buggy it may not be … Continue reading

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The legal battles of the Covistance. Have there been crimes against humanity?

Ramesh Thakur is one of many commentators inside the Covistance who think government public health advisers have committed crimes against humanity. His anger was raised by reports of desperate parents in India selling their children into virtual slavery, including sexual … Continue reading

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Canadian doctor Joffe MD on the negative effects of covid-19 responses

Dr. Joffe just posted a new article on the many negative effects of lockdowns in Canada and in the world as a whole. He really has put in a fantastic effort to source the evidence on the negative effects of … Continue reading

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Playacting government: Victoria’s COVID response

Life in the West is increasingly reminding me of the old Soviet joke. “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us”.   Herewith an email I received this morning. Nick I am going troppo about the Vic policy … Continue reading

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