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Behavioural insights as the new scientism?

I thought I posted this talk from some time ago on Troppo when I gave it back in October, but I can’t find it. So here it is. Apologies if it’s already here. As ever, a raw machine read transcription … Continue reading

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Cracking the code: How to tell what News Corp really thinks about the price of links

News Corp is telling us what Google should really pay for linking to its sites. It’s telling us in code. And the answer is … $0.00. What is an Internet link worth? For most of the Internet’s life, this question … Continue reading

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Why “final offer arbitration” is Russian Roulette for Google

The legislated “bargaining” process between Google and News Corp is unmoored from reality. Its “final offer arbitration” is unsuited to the task. Updated 21/2/2020 to move the detail of News Corp HTML into a separate story here. Apologies for any … Continue reading

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The rise of moral bubbles?

We may be headed for a world of endless moral bubbles, where targets for outrage can be identified and turned into bogeymen in record time, with record audiences. It would be QAnon, but for anything you can think of and … Continue reading

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Science, objectivity and the separation of knowing and doing

I. Given its astonishing success, modern minds are mesmerised by science. So much so that various disciplines adopted certain mannerisms of science in order to make themselves more ‘scientific’. This is the intellectual sin Hayek and others called ‘scientism’. Having … Continue reading

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Are the covid lights going on in the States?

An important rule in politics is that you adopt the best policies and slogans of your opponent only after you have destroyed that opponent. Till that moment you pretend he is the devil, but afterwards you re-label his best ideas … Continue reading

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Can you spot the countries with high vaccinations? Or recent lockdowns?

I am all for effective vaccines and have been impressed with how fast vaccines have been developed against covid, but I never expected them to be the wonder weapons some promised them to be. After all, the yearly new vaccines … Continue reading

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