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Playacting government: Victoria’s COVID response

Life in the West is increasingly reminding me of the old Soviet joke. “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us”.   Herewith an email I received this morning. Nick I am going troppo about the Vic policy … Continue reading

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Orwell that ends well: Can evaluation save us from ourselves?

When I first saw the Productivity Commission’s Draft Indigenous Evaluation Strategy, my heart sank. I’d had had several quite extensive meetings with Romlie Mokak, the Indigenous Commissioner at the PC who struck me as a person of great intelligence, straightforwardness … Continue reading

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Professor Foster’s cost-benefit analysis for the Victorian parliament.

[below the exact text (with different font/highlight) as Gigi Foster’s submission to the Victorian parliamentary library in mid-August here. To see her health-related notes, including on topics like non-linearities and Sweden, see here, and to see all documents of that … Continue reading

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The competition delusion: the presentation

Early this year I published an essay in the Griffith Review critiquing what I called the competition delusion. I was passing by more common critiques of competition, which for instance argue that competition isn’t necessarily a great idea in numerous … Continue reading

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The Evaluator General

I recently sent a couple of emails explaining the Evaluator General and also did an extended interview explaining the ideas in the context of Matt Jones’ Public Policy class at Melbourne Uni. The first email below is the one I … Continue reading

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Altruism comes from a model – the virtues from life

Models, windows, reductionism and pluralism We’re familiar with the idea that thought creates ‘models’ of reality. So it’s easy to slip into thinking that our task is then to just make our models better and better, i.e. more accurate representations … Continue reading

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Keeping a cool head – thinking about the covid-19 crisis: a guest post from Toby Phillips

This post is a direct response and rebuttal to the recent ‘Has the coronavirus panic cost us at least 10 million lives already?’ by Paul Fritjers. Paul’s post takes the current covid-19 crisis, and uses some haphazard multiplication to create … Continue reading

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