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Poh’s Laundry

Being in holiday mode, my brain is deeply immersed in trivial thoughts, not least who the Australian selectors could sensibly pick to begin the process of rebuilding a competitive cricket team. However an even more burning question is this: why … Continue reading

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The best restaurant I’ve ever been to

I guess the coming of Master Chef was 9 parts good and one part bad. Great that people got into cooking, but all that stuff about ‘plating up’ was a bit much for me. A nicely presented meal is nice … Continue reading

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Shaking and Stirring, the basket weavers strike back

Balmain is not  just the city of basket weavers it is also a place to find thinking drinkers and binge thinkers. Put this in your list of favorites. Shaken and Stirred, the brainchild of Parnell McGuinness and Leonie Phillips, is a … Continue reading

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Adam Smith on Science, Paul Krugman on intellectual charlatans: Speech to CSIRO science leaders

A few weeks ago, on the 30th of Sept to be precise, I gave a speech to ‘science leaders’ in CSIRO. Science leaders are early mid career scientists from around the world whom CSIRO have recruited. As the speech explains, … Continue reading

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Chewing the fat

When I was a boy growing up in Sydney – and this is the 60s we’re talking about here – I often spent school holidays at my grandmother’s house in the western suburbs. Generally speaking, it wasn’t much fun. My … Continue reading

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Marmalade & Capitalism

This time last year the British media was buzzing with stories about the demise of marmalade. In January, The Grocer reported that sales of marmalade fell by 4.4% in the year to 4 November 2006. Worse still, most marmalade consumers … Continue reading

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The Baconsphere

If you’ve ever wanted to make a burger with 100% pure bacon or you need a recipe for caramelized bacon then I’ve got links for you. Welcome to the baconsphere! "Bacon is totally meat candy," says bacon enthusiast Heather Lauer. … Continue reading

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