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Australian male violence against women: what the statistics say (and media should report)

Amid Australia’s justified concern over male violence against women, it seems worth  keeping in mind our achievements. Femicide, in particular, has more than halved in the past three decades. Prologue: Violence against women is a bad thing, and it’s still … Continue reading

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The great globalisation slowdown mystery

Here’s something I only noticed while writing a short piece for INTHEBLACK magazine: the rise of globalisation is not only slowing down almost to a halt, but in some places (like the Netherlands) may have been slowing down since around … Continue reading

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Artists Resale Royalties: a piece of pie…

The ARR scheme so far has cost taxpayers just over $2.2 million and as of December 2013 has delivered a total of 7,800 royalty payments, to 800 artists (or estates) with a median value of about $105 per payment. The … Continue reading

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Losing manufacturing is what rich countries do

Now that Holden is to stop making cars in Australia, we’re already hearing about the impending death of Australian manufacturing. Before you descend into gloom, take a look at this manufacturing data from the World Bank. It sets out how … Continue reading

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Infrastructure: No longer a no-brainer

One of the popular economic memes of the 2000s has been that Australian needs more infrastructure. It has filled out many a think-tank report. In the form of the National Broadband Network, it helped Labor win government in 2007. It … Continue reading

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Kaggle brilliantly explained on Catalyst

Well the ABC God bless its cotton socks can’t quite bring itself to mount videos that can be embedded elsewhere – or I can’t see a way to do it, but they did a great story on Kaggle tonight – … Continue reading

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