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King Kong

I saw a preview tonight. Incredible, fabulous stuff. Go if you can.

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History’s damnation a Labor trait: Dennis Glover’s Friday AFR Column

It takes a lot for a seasoned partisan pro like Dennis to react like this. It means he’s not ‘in the tent’ and that’s not much fun, especially if you still work for these guys on a freelance basis – … Continue reading

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“Values based management”

Herewith today’s column in the Age and SMH. George Orwell was a stickler for plain and simple English in public discourse. He argued that one could escape some of “the worst follies of orthodoxy” by simplifying one’s language. “When you … Continue reading

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The Sistine Chapel

I had the good fortune to see this remarkable thing recently. And I thought as I was in the Sistine Chapel something I’ve thought before and have probably pontificated about here at pontification central. (Checking I find this post for instance). Why are there … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Thinking, fast and slow”

I couldn’t resist buying a copy of Daniel Kahneman’s best-seller when returning from holidays. Several friends and colleagues told me it was a great book; it got great reviews; and Kahneman’s journal articles are invariably a good read, so I … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism stole my teleporter, says Graeber

The 21st was supposed to be the age of flying cars, teleporters and affordable space travel, says David Graeber. But now here we are in the future still arguing about overcrowded trains and the price of petrol. David Graeber feels … Continue reading

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Cavafy – again

I’ve offered Troppodillians several of Constantine Cavafy’s poems. They’re magnificent. I haven’t actually managed to elicit a comment on any of them, but perhaps they’re being enjoyed anyway. I’m told they’re of a different order in the original. But I wouldn’t know. … Continue reading

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