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Northern Territory – a tale of systemic dysfunctional governance

Like quite a few other despairing commentators, I have on occasions referred to the Northern Territory as a “failed state”, most recently here: Until now, although holding grave fears about the quality of Northern Territory political governance under both the previous … Continue reading

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Challenging elections for fun, profit and the public good

It appears that the newly dominant Labor Party in the Northern Territory may be contemplating a legal challenge to the validity of the election of former CLP Chief Minister Terry Mills as an Independent MLA in his former seat of Blain. Labor will … Continue reading

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Andrew Bolt has a point, but …

It’s not often that I agree with hyper-ventilating Murdoch columnist Andrew Bolt, but his column this week on the Don Dale Centre juvenile detention controversy is a useful antidote to the equally hyperbolic reactions of most commentators to ABC journalist … Continue reading

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Nova Peris – a contemporary political soap opera

Preselecting Nova Peris as a “Captain’s Pick” for Labor senator for the Northern Territory must have seemed like a good idea at the time in early 2013 to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The election of Ken Wyatt as a Liberal federal … Continue reading

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Six Stars on Cullen Bay

It looks like we may be getting a six star hotel across the road from our place at Cullen Bay. A proposal by Paspaley the Pearl King has been shortlisted by the Giles government along with two others. Apparently the … Continue reading

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2016 NT election: reading the electoral tea-leaves

The starter’s gun has almost been fired on the forthcoming Federal election which will almost certainly now be held on 2 July. However, there is also another Australian election due to take place soon after that: the Northern Territory election … Continue reading

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Fracking off the gas drillers

This week’s announcement by Pangaea Resources that it is suspending its NT onshore gas exploration drilling program and laying off 140 workers, following the Labor Opposition’s indication that it will impose an indefinite moratorium on fracking, has provoked predictable responses … Continue reading

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