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Club Meh

Pity the poor working journo! Journalists face tough deadlines. Sitting in front of a screen, they need to produce thousands of words to print or read out every day, only a fraction of which might actually make it to print … Continue reading

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The Great Calculator Heist

Quoth Christopher Pyne in an interview on ABC Radio this morning: There are a thousand ideas, there are 660 minutes of discussion on the summit program, which means for every idea there are 39.6 seconds put aside for discussing that … Continue reading

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My 20/20 submission and my little imbroglio with The Australian

I did not apply to participate in the 20/20 summit but I did submit a 500 word piece on employment policy. Although Club Troppo readers would have heard my views before, the submission is set out below. I also had … Continue reading

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Paddy’s End

Paddy McGuinness died this morning. He was 69. As a columnist and editor McGuinness thrived on controversy. As Matthew Ricketson wrote, he was "loved and loathed in roughly equal measure, and that is the point — and the trick — … Continue reading

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Et tu, Noel?

A sense of gloom settled in as I ploughed through The Weekend Australian yesterday. It felt like February 2003 again, only worse. Then, an optimist could at least excuse the thumping of the drums of war as the triumph of … Continue reading

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Slanted Eye of the Beholder

Econometricians are often pretty smart at thinking up ways to measure things. I recently attended a seminar by Professor Matthew Gentzkow from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business who is doing research on the vexed issue of media slant. … Continue reading

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An arsehole but a talented one

He’s a funny old fellow … ? I’ve never subscribed to my colleague Nicholas Gruen’s high opinion of SMH journo and “blogger” Jack Marx.  Marx’s 2006 article on his dealings with actor Russell Crowe, which so impressed Nicholas, was in my … Continue reading

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