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Introducing Julia Thornton

I’d like to introduce Julia Thornton to Troppodillians. IJulia is involved in the Accountability Roundtable has been dropping in to Troppo for a while now and judging by threads like these is formidably well read in a range of areas. … Continue reading

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Commenting is go!

Remember me?  That grumpy old bloke who once obsessively spewed forth half-baked opinions here at Troppo?  After being AWOL for some time a comeback of sorts seems imminent.  I’m experiencing fitful urges to post, usually on very silly topics like … Continue reading

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Registering to comment

We’ve always had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards commenting at Club Troppo.  Contrary to the impressions of some, we have only ever banned two or three persistent trolls, and only ever delete comments that are persistently abusive or defamatory. However, … Continue reading

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WordPress upgrade bleg

Jacques is advising us that we should upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.   He may well be right, but Nicholas and I are nervous/remaining to be convinced. Apparently there are some potential security issues with the version we’re currently running. Our … Continue reading

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Copyright stuff

We’ve been having a behind-the-scenes debate at Troppo for some time regarding the copyright claims for material published here. The site has had a standard copyright notice since its inception way back in 2002. However, I have intended for ages … Continue reading

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Troppo – the favourite source of blog-bots

I’ve just become aware of bot blogging curtesy of these three links to posts I’ve just put up. I guess they’re part of the escalating SEO war. Anyway, if you look below the fold, my hope is that some geek … Continue reading

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Club Troppo crippled but moving soon

As you’ve probably noticed, Club Troppo has been almost unuseably slow-loading for the last few days. It has also been out of commission completely for substantial periods. Now the comment facility is not working at all. Apparently the latter is … Continue reading

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