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Unpacking the sub-prime train wreck

On this analysis two major factors in the train wreck were the regulations that pushed lenders to water down prudent criteria for lending and the flight of speculators from the housing market when prices ceased to rise. A nuance in … Continue reading

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Bombs or Bananas?

It seemed like a reasonable enough idea. Responding to fears of a terrorist attack by ‘dirty bomb‘ or nuclear weapon, US Customs and Border Protection installed hundreds of radiation portal monitors at seaports, land border ports of entry and crossings … Continue reading

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Pearson . . . . again.

Hopefully Troppodillians will forgive me for tackling another Pearson piece only two weeks after my last effort. I’ll try not to make a habit of it, I promise. With your indulgence, then, let’s proceed. Is it relativism to hold our … Continue reading

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Et tu, Noel?

A sense of gloom settled in as I ploughed through The Weekend Australian yesterday. It felt like February 2003 again, only worse. Then, an optimist could at least excuse the thumping of the drums of war as the triumph of … Continue reading

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Terrorized by ‘War on Terror’

This brief article by Zbigniew Brzezinski in the Washington Post provides a useful contrast to Albrechtsen’s opinion piece. Here are the opening few lines to give you the flavour: The “war on terror” has created a culture of fear in … Continue reading

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Why Not Let Them Hate Us, as long as They Fear Us?

Much as I hesitate to introduce yet another post with a plug for LNL, the interview with Chas Freeman last night obliges me to take the risk. Now retired, he was, as well as holding many other distinguished positions, US … Continue reading

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In praise of progress generally, and blogging specifically

Last week, Eygptian blogger Wael Abbas (NB he writes in Arabic!) was credited by French newspaper Le Figaro with striking a major blow against oppression, thanks to three of the ubiquitous incidents of material progress a mobile phone with integrated … Continue reading

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