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Militant Islam: Less soldiering, more policing

Back in 2002, then aspiring US presidential candidate John Kerry began arguing that “the war on terror is far less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence-gathering law enforcement operation”. To my ear back then, this sounded … Continue reading

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Iraq: Too late to fix

Back in late 2005, a brilliant young US moderate-left commentator named Matthew Yglesias and his colleague Sam Rosenfeld penned a prescient essay for The American Prospect called “The Incompetence Dodge”. They began by noting how many policy figures were coming … Continue reading

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Iraq: When will responsibility bite?

George Bush’s announcement of extra troops for Iraq is significant not for its announcements of actions, but for its official admission that Iraq is a horrible mess. See the official US government PDF for details. The scariest bit is the … Continue reading

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Trust me, I’m from the government

1 Calls to the government’s National Security hotline are confidential aren’t they? Well… maybe not. Performer Henry Rollins says that he’s been reported to the hotline for reading a suspicious book. But if the service is confidential then how does … Continue reading

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