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WELLBY cost-benefit calculations for the UK and the Netherlands

Last week I gave a masterclass lecture at University College London on the costs and benefits of lockdowns and other covid-policies in the UK. A recording is here (Passcode: [email protected]$?y9J9 ), and the powerpoint slides are here. A key piece … Continue reading

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Constant distractions are leading to major declines in top-level reasoning. What to do?

Till 20 year ago, IQ scores in the West increased about 3 points per decade ever since the 1920s, a phenomenon known as the “Flynn effect”. That rise in IQ test scores, which have an average of 100 and a … Continue reading

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Expected and Unexpected Winners in the West from the covid hysteria.

[micro-trigger alert: dark humour ahead] The top prize for economic winners in the covid hysteria goes to the pharmaceutical companies who were quickest to jump on the covid-vaccine business. They are already selling billions of unproven vaccines that will now … Continue reading

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A short story by Herbert Simon

I’ve been dipping into Herbert Simon’s autobiography, Models of my life. He’s from an interesting time in the intellectual history of economics and the social sciences. The major contributions of his professional life began in the 1950s and, though he … Continue reading

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What works: getting to the land of ‘how’: Part Three

The final third part of this essay – cross-posted at The Mandarin, only here with footnotes. New ways of institutionalising know-how Given governments’ evident failure in rising to the challenges of the third way, it’s not surprising that there are … Continue reading

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The corona cost-benefit analyses of Richard Holden, Bruce Preston and Neil Bailey: ooops!

The economic and social damage of lock downs in Australia is starting to get noticed so much that even academic economists are paying attention. After months of resisting actual data, some Australian economists who previously refused to even contemplate the … Continue reading

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The Drew Pavlou case: business with China versus the American lobby

In a week from now, UQ student leader Drew Pavlou will face an internal hearing at the University of Queensland to decide whether or not he will be expelled for having organised rallies against various pro-China organisations on campus and … Continue reading

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