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Sotto Voce: The case for an informal vote

I find it hard to understand how passionate some folks are about voting Yes or voting No. Not because I do not understand passion, but because the cases for either position are so unconvincing. I am not “barracking” for either … Continue reading

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The academy and partners try wellbeing frameworks

I discover that I don’t seem to have cross-posted this old essay previously published in the Mandarin, and since this is my place of record (where I can make notes to myself in the comments of new sources, thoughts or … Continue reading

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The bigotry we are blind to

(Cross posted from On Line Opinion) Australians are very mindful of prejudice and discrimination in our community, and rightly so. Yet, many prejudices are so fashionable and pervasive that they go unnoticed. We are blind to some bigotries.

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Extraordinary measures in extraordinary times

One measure of the success of a social movement is the extent to which it creates a ‘commonsense’ that even its ideological opponents get roped into. That was the great triumph of neoliberalism — bringing the moderate progressive left into … Continue reading

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On understanding the other side of things

The only education I ever got was in history. And what history taught me is wrapped up in the story the premier English speaking philosopher of history of the 20th-century told about detecting the Albert Memorial. I wrote it up … Continue reading

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Casablanca as Plato’s Symposium (Srsly!)

ChatGPT: Explain greek ideas of love, in particular the way eros is the spur to higher forms of love The film Casablanca is Plato's Symposium. The goodies must conspire in pursuing the good Without knowing the future, or whether they … Continue reading

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NHMRC funding “bombshell”

Australia punches above its weight in the medical research space. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is the main government granting agency in the field of medical research. On October 16th, it was announced that future mid-level and … Continue reading

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