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Tax talk-fests and the importance of being dismal

Why is tax reform so hard? Reviews such as the Henry Review often point to ‘low-hanging fruit’ where efficiency gains can be made without any significant equity costs. One oft-noted example is property stamp duty, where the Henry Review recommended … Continue reading

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Attention Aussie billionaires — Tim Andrews needs your help

What Australia needs is a "genuine grassroots free market advocacy organisaiton 1", writes Tim Andrews. And he’s convinced he’s the man to make it happen. Andrews is currently in the US equipping himself with the training and experience he’ll need … Continue reading

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Taming the geese

One of the most widely accepted tenents of tax theory is that it is most efficient to tax immobile factors of production such as land. Such taxes cannot be avoided, and so they do not distort behaviour. Consequently, most economists … Continue reading

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Trashing the 37c Tax Bracket

I seem to be the only one, that I have seen anyway, in the Australian blogosphere who is excited about the 37c tax bracket going the way of the dodo in Labor’s tax policy announcement. Peter Martin even suggested it … Continue reading

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