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The Academy Awards ceremony was just dedicated to US military forces serving overseas.

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9 Responses to US Forces…

  1. Darlene says:

    Mmmm, you don’t need an excuse to put a picture of Cate up on the blog.

    Did she win something?

  2. Mark Bahnisch says:

    Yep, best supporting actress for The Aviator.

  3. Jason Soon says:

    nice pic, mark, nice.
    there is something about cate blanchett, those cheekbones and those intelligent eyes that translate into a presence and classy screen sultriness that is simply lacking in her more vacant-looking fellow blonde, Gwyneth Paltrow, yessiree.

  4. Evil Pundit says:

    Perhaps Hollywood, after the failure of its attempts to influence the election, is attempting to make amends to middle America? We will have to wait and see.

  5. wbb says:

    worst acceptance speech ever from H Swank

  6. Nabakov says:

    “We will have to wait and see.”

    But not in your case Evil Pee. We already know what’s coming, even before yer handcrank your synapse into action again.

  7. suzoz says:

    That dedication is a reflection of a militarist society. (Not to mention an imperialist one.)

  8. says:

    I’m reminded of the Bill Hicks’s liberal-inverted quip (about Gulf War 1), “I was in the difficult position of being for the war but against our troops.”

  9. harry says:

    Makes sense: Hollywood likes to do quick rewrites before they start shooting too.

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