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John Quiggin responds to Ross Gittins’ accusation that he and Nicholas Gruen didn’t address the ‘real reasons’ for the NSW electricity privatisation.

Andrew Bartlett puts non-Brisbane local government election results under the microscope for those interested.

Architectural blight blogger The Worst of Perth seizes credit for the removal of a public sculpture (I actually don’t mind it, but then Jen says my taste is where that blue rope is wedged).


Daniel Davies Drezner argues that Al Qaeda and terrorism in general can be and is being contained and if not deterred.

Publius looks at non-bank regulation in the wake of the Bear Sterns debacle:

It seems to me that if the Masters of the Universe want to reap the benefits of Uncle Sams First Insurance Company, they need to simultaneously subject themselves to federal regulation. If youve helped wreck the economy, shatter thousands of lives, and still enjoy a publicly-funded quasi-bailout, then its not an unreasonable demand.

Turcopolier is impressed with Hillary Clinton’s long-term plans for Iraq, although the chances of her ever being in a position to implement them are looking increasingly slim.

Diane Marie Amann looks at the US government human rights abuse list which conspicuously excludes China despite ongoing serious abuses of which Tibet is only the most recent.  Meanwhile, Students for a Free Tibet continues to provide hour by hour blog and news coverage of the protests and Chinese reprisals there. In addition to 67 people reported slaughtered by the Chinese government in Lhasa, SFFT provides graphically disturbing photographic evidence of a further 20 deaths in Ngaba “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” in the Tibetan province of Amdo on March 16.  Olympic boycott time?


Andrew Norton has made some interesting discoveries while analysing census data on university attendance and socioeconomic status:

The most striking finding, as it had been in earlier census-based studies, was that for… blue collar families the …more the family earns, the less likely it is that their sons will attend university, and the more likely it is that they will attend TAFE.

Harry Clarke was intrigued to learn about farmers’ attitudes from the Four Corners program on the rural crisis.

Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh blame John Howard’s baby bonus for the obesity epidemic afflicting modern civizilation. Or so you’d conclude, from a headline on the ABS News website. Peter Martin has a more prosaic version of the story. All three want to eliminate the bonus.

David Bath is persuaded that the Euro will, and should, take over from the US dollar as the preferred currency for nations’ foreign transactions and reserves.


Peter Timmins suggests that Treasury head Ken Henry’s revelation of the advice he didn’t give to Kevin Rudd on minimum wage rises probably doesn’t presage a new era of openness and transparency by that department.

Adam J White gives a historical and constitutional analysis of why the Vice-President isn’t part of the executive government.

Inchoate provides some quick links on the “liberty divide” on the High Court.

Marty Lederman examines US broadcasting rules about when “fuck” can and can’t be used, as does Jan Crawford Greenberg in expectation of a forthcoming US Supreme Court case.


I wonder where this is?


Like herding cats

Issues analysis

Possum starts a two-part series on housing affordability.

Gummo Trotsky has devised a quiz on various sexist theories drawn from evolutionary psychology.

Robin Hanson provides a lengthy analysis of the Spice Girls’ theory of moral philosophy.

Mark “Oz Conservative” Richardson’s keenly awaited treatise on waiting for Mr Right lives up to the highest expectations.


Tim Train extols the subtle joys of ars interrupta.

OMG!!  Wicking has gone oriental.

Perry Middlemiss points out that there’s vanity publishing and then there’s …


Shaun forgets to mention that Parramatta are the worst team in any sport since the dawn of man – and will be until the heat death of the universe – but otherwise does a pretty good job wrapping up the first round of the NRL.

Timana Tahu on the difference between league and “yawnion”:

“I usually held myself back, just took it easy or looked for support, just cruising. In union, you have to be running 100 per cent all the time,” he said. “I didn’t really need to run 100 per cent [in league]. …”

Andrew Leigh gives an economic analysis for why Carlton probably didn’t cheat the draft  last year (a bit late this one).

Snark, strangeness and charm

Possum’s commentators made a powerful case for taking the low road; a million Bon Jovi references mocking Mr Nelson.   

Jeremy Sear declares war on an officious parking inspector and Tim Blair declares continuing war on Jeremy Sear.

Clem Bastow disapproves of the Murdoch press’s attitude to George Clooney’s new girlfriend (the photo and caption at right are Murdoch efforts), and doesn’t think much of mega-exploited Bindi Irwin’s forthcoming collection of kids’ clothing:

Canvas! Great! Isn’t that the childrenswear equivalent of, dunno, a kero bath for nanna? Like, sure, kids’ clothes need to be durable, but canvas? What next, chainmail? Here you go, little Johnny, wrap yourself up in this nice, snuggly Kevlar dressing gown! The label says it’s stingray-proof!

Tony the Teacher submits his official wish list for Melbourne public transport and roads infrastructure.  I hope Mr Brumby is paying attention.

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Ken Parish is a legal academic at Charles Darwin University, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law) and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 12 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in he early 1990s.
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45 Responses to Missing Link Daily

  1. Yobbo says:

    Jeremy is also deleting any comments that disagree with his naming and shaming of a parking inspector.

  2. gilmae says:

    You kids make high schoolers appear mature and well-grounded.

  3. Darlene says:

    Jeremy’s use of that man’s ID pass photo seems to me to be a case of online vigilantism, which, like any form of vigilantism, is unacceptable.

    It leaves open the possibility that anyone could get their noggin on someone’s blog (without consent or knowledge) because an aggrieved party has access to a mobile phone with a camera and a lack of impulse control. Who next; the local shop assistant who keys in the wrong price when your buying your veggies?

    While Jeremy’s action will probably come to nothing (and he’ll still have to pay the fine), it should be noted that people who’ve engaged in other forms of online vigilantism have caused incredible damage. One case involved someone getting back at some silly girl who didn’t clean up after her dog and another involved a girl getting back at her emotionally former friend who didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.

    Posting someone’s photo online in such a way is the modern equivalent of nailing someone’s picture to a tree and calling for a posse to take revenge.

  4. Darlene says:

    That should have said:

    “you’re buying your veggies” and “emotionally unstable former friend”.

  5. Shaun says:

    Shaun forgets to mention that Parramatta are the worst team in any sport since the dawn of man

    Obvious that someone is upset over their team losing in round one.

  6. gilmae says:

    Ha! Three of my four teams won, actually. The top three, as a matter of fact. So there.

    Parramatta FTL!

  7. Jeremy says:

    “Jeremys use of that mans ID pass photo seems to me to be a case of online vigilantism, which, like any form of vigilantism, is unacceptable.”

    Oh, don’t be silly. I described precisely what he did, why I objected to it, and put his name there so that one day he might see it and feel some kind of remorse.

    I didn’t call for a lynch mob. Timmy and Andy have, though.

    PS Of course I’ve paid the fine. I’m not going up to Queensland to fight a stupid parking ticket! I simply listed it as one of several annoyances in a post about people venting. I didn’t – although, given Blair’s obsession with me, perhaps I should have – think it would go any further.

  8. Gummo Trotsky says:

    Oh, dont be silly. I described precisely what he did, why I objected to it, and put his name there so that one day he might see it and feel some kind of remorse.

    “Timmy and Andy” might easily give the same explanation for their posts. You’re in the rather invidious position of the gander, vis-a-vis the sauce, old chum.

  9. Liam says:

    put his name there so that one day he might see it and feel some kind of remorse

    Or his boss?
    It’s a pretty low thing to do.

  10. Darlene says:

    I am sorry, but I simply disagree. Don’t care what others have said, and not interested in other people’s obsessions (people who talk about people a lot usually have a big crush on them).

    If you can’t see that it’s wrong (and helps create a potentially dangerous slippery slope) to put people’s photos up on your blog in such a situation, well, nothing anybody is going to say is going to change your mind. It beggars belief that you think that way, though.

    “One day he might feel some kind of remorse”.

    I suggest he’s more likely to feel pissed-off, and, of course, he has no doubt forgotten about your little matter anyway.

    So presumably you think it’s aok to put pictures of errant cab drivers or police officers or the poor old lady down the back who hasn’t been adhering to water restrictions etc etc etc etc etc. I mean WTF.

  11. Anthony says:

    Daniel Davies argues nothing of the sort. Or at least not according to the link you supply – to Daniel Drezner’s blog.

  12. Gummo Trotsky says:

    Pointed, not so rhetorical question: would describing someone as “some petty little tyrant airport official” and “a miserable bastard who deserves the eternal torment of being [himself]” be actionable?

    In, say, the hypothetical circumstance that said person was later called into their boss’s office, given a bollocking and told they’d just blown their customer relations bonus, which was a bloody pity, because if this hadn’t happened it would have been in the bag?

  13. Pavlov's Cat says:

    The best case scenario for Traffic Guy is that he’ll be commended for doing his job.

  14. Shaun says:

    A true supporter only has one team of whose colours they bleed, gilmae. ;-)

  15. Jeremy says:

    Which part of his job was the yelling abuse and swearing at me?

  16. gilmae says:

    Well…technically Shaun, I have one team whose colours are similar shades to my blood – Easts – and three others I am contractually obliged to lend some support when they aren’t playing the True Team owing to geographical curiosities. So while Easts are the only True Team, I have to offer some support to Wests because, well, I live a few minutes from Campbelltown Stadium, and Brisbane and North Queensland because, well, I was born there.

    I offer that since we all bleed a shade of red, we must all be Queensland Origin supporters. Except for apostates.

  17. Gummo Trotsky says:

    PC – surely that’s worst case? Best case is that he’s given the keys to the city of Maroochydore and a gold pass to the local surf club, entitling him to a free feed, drinks included, every Friday night, for the rest of his natural life.

  18. Pavlov's Cat says:

    Which part of his job was the yelling abuse and swearing at me?

    No no, not that bit. The other bit, the bit where he extracted the fine.

    Gummo, good point. I always underestimate these things.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Of course, the only reason his photo was taken by my friend in the first place was his abusive conduct.

    Parking officers aren’t “miserable bastards” just because they fine people. That’s their job, and of course, like everyone else, I usually just pay the fine and move on. (And of course, I’ve paid the fine in this instance as well.) That said, the conduct of this particular airport employee was unnecessary in the circumstances; I wasn’t blocking the crossing; I wasn’t blocking drivers’ view of the crossing; I was barely even touching the crossing; and I was only there for a few seconds.

    I’m staggered that a minor vent is such exciting news for the likes of Timmy and Andy, though.

  20. Ken Parish says:

    If parking inspectors were remunerated by customer relations bonuses, I doubt that many would ever receive one, at least not the ones that I’ve met.


    Errors fixed. Thanks for pointing them out.

  21. tim says:

    Re Jeremy, Monaro asks a fascinating question: What would happen if he parked in Nialls driveway?

  22. Ken Parish says:

    No, no, resist … Not Vietnamese. Damn! Couldn’t help it.

  23. Shaun says:

    Easts? You mean the retirement home for Bulldogs forwards that can’t cut it anymore. Oh and my blood does run blue.

    To be fair, if there was a Central Coast team I’d buy season tickets and proudly wear their colours, unless they were playing the Eels of course.

  24. Jeremy says:

    That is fascinating, Tim. You should definitely aim for at least double digit updates to your post on this exciting issue.

  25. Darlene says:

    Jeebus H C, take him to Judge Judy. Or more appropriately put in a formal complaint.

    What if everybody dealt with such incidents the way you did?

  26. gilmae says:

    Could be. Also the team that offloads pivots that at no point ever cut it to hapless chokers.

  27. Liam says:

    take him to Judge Judy

    It’s past that point, I think Darlene. This dispute’s going to have to be solved through interpretative dance.

  28. Darlene says:

    That’s very funny, Liam : )

    Performance art as conflict resolution. I’d like to see that.

    I get the feeling personal feelings towards other “interwebites” is more important to some folks than issues of justice or a person’s right to have a matter heard through formal processes. He’s guilty, now “cyber” him so short lived ego gratification can be felt. Bugger his privacy and all those pesky things.

  29. Darlene says:

    And I add to that, he’s a private person not a person who’s also on the interwebs.

  30. James Farrell says:

    The rights and wrongs of this are not as clear as the posturing on either side implies. There’s no rule that says you can’t put someone’s picture on a website without their permission. If Jeremy had posted this guy’s picture because he did something good — like rescue Jeremy’s cat — no one would be objecting, even if it was done without permisssion. On the other hand, if Jeremy made some unprovable claim defaming the man — that he assaulted him, or that he flashed his private parts at Jeremy’s girlfriend — everyone would object, even if it wasn’t a legally actionable defamation. It’s somewhere in the middle — Jeremy’s taking him to task over something that the man could easily dispute, in a situation that is open to a wide range of interpretations. Even if Mr Gavey, or anyone in his orbit, happened to find the picture, it’s highly unlikely he would suffer any advers consequences — if anything, as someone pointed out, his employer might be pleased to discover he is so zealous.

    The real problem with Jeremy’s action is not that he has grossly violated some ethical code; it’s just that it’s not an edifying spectacle to see a highly educated and well-paid professional using a sophisticated technology to beat up on a nobody, one who is already despised, and who has no means of reply. Perhaps Mr Gavey deserves it, but then again, it’s a horrible job he’s got. Parking officers have to listen to excuses all day, usually delivered abusively, so they probably grow deaf to even the reasonable ones. And maybe he was having a bad day.

  31. MentalFloss says:

    At home, posting pictures of traffic cops
    With him on top leakin yellow fun, arms raised in a v
    And the dead lay in pools of urine below
    Daddy didnt give attention
    Oh, to the fact that mommy didnt care
    King Jeremy the wicked…oh, ruled his world…

    Clearly we remember pickin on the boy
    Seemed a harmless little fuck
    Ooh, but we unleashed a lion…
    Gnashed his teeth and bit his “female friend’s” breast…
    How can we forget?
    And he shit me, an “anonymous left”
    My jaw not hurtin…but ooh, dropped wide open

    Daddy didnt give affection, no…
    And the boy was something that mommy wouldnt wear
    King Jeremy the wicked…oh, ruled his world
    Jeremy spoke in class today…

    (sincere apologies to Pearl Jam)

  32. Jeremy says:

    That’s really funny, ‘cos my name’s Jeremy, and so’s the name of the character in the Pearl Jam song! Seriously, comedy gold, Mental. I can see why you’ve posted that to at least three comment threads now.

  33. Ken Parish says:

    OK. That’s enough now. The whole thing is mutually snarky so I’ve let it go to this point (and participated once – couldn’t help myself). However it’s time to stop now. Any further ad hominem comments on this question will be deleted.

  34. Laura says:

    As usual James Farrell is on the money.

  35. MentalFloss says:

    Just two threads, Mr. Sear, counting this one.

    Odd isn’t it, how when one is polite — even respectful — but happens to disagree with your position is barred from commenting on your site (though no abusive language was ever used) turns to less intellectual (perhaps) and less flattering protrayals of you on other sites were your antics are in question?

  36. KP – typical killjoy centrist.

  37. Gummo Trotsky says:

    Sorry FXH, but I’m with Ken. All that football snark was getting a bit much and detracting from an otherwise enjoyable comments thread.

  38. Bill Posters says:

    Bah humbug, the stoush was just getting started.

  39. Jeremy says:

    Since he’s kept it going, three, “Mental”. Here, Blair’s, and mine, before I deleted it.

    So sorry if I hurt your feelings by deleting your allegedly “polite even respectful” attempts to accuse me of being some kind of menace to society on my blog. Unfortunately for your efforts to attack me personally I decided that, frankly, I am not actually obliged to let you and your friends use my comment threads for the purpose of trying to attack me. I’m happy to let you use them to discuss your views on issues, but if all you’re interested in talking about is what an appalling human being you think I am, I’m afraid you’ll have to find another forum. A forum where people are really excited to get stuck into people with whom they disagree.

    You’ve found such a forum? You in fact came from such a forum? How fantastic for you. Free speech wins again.

  40. Yobbo says:

    Shorter Lefty: Comments disagreeing with me will continue to be deleted.

  41. Jc says:

    I agree with leftie. I was recently hit for 120 bucks or so at the ariport for parking about a minute longer than the allowed 5 minutes. The dick had an attitude too. Leftie I’ll get this guys pic and put it up there too. Those bastards all deserve to rosat. I can’t ever imagine anyone wanting that job.
    the airport collects the fine by the way.

    Hey niall, my guy looked wasn’t a white guy. What would you have said?

  42. MentalFloss says:

    Sorry, I never posted the “adaptaion” of the Pearl Jam song at your site — but then, we have only your word now, don’t we? Because you delete and effectively ban all dissenting views, however innocuously written.

    That’s all from me. Your anonymity, Lefty, is once again safe from the ravages of my keyboard.

  43. Jeremy says:

    “Because you delete and effectively ban all dissenting views, however innocuously written.”

    Yeah, my blog’s well known for that. Right, anyone who’s ever visited one of my comment threads?

  44. Gummo Trotsky says:

    Don’t know, don’t care, don’t want to know, don’t want to care.

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