A church becomes a cafe/bakery

A friend of mine’s partner and her son are setting up a cafe/bakery in an old Church in Perth, Tasmania.

So, in the true style of financial markets of the eighteenth century (my chosen favourite century to be part of – so long as I got one of the good parts) I’ve invested with people I like and trust and now have a share in their business.

So wish us all luck.  And when it’s set up, if you’re in the neighbourhood, most likely if you’re travelling from Launceston to Hobart or back, then drop in and tell them you’re a Troppo burgher and they may provide you with a Troppoburger, or perhaps a Troppo roll.

You can check the progress of the venture here.

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7 Responses to A church becomes a cafe/bakery

  1. joe2 says:

    To be called.. “our daily bread”?

  2. BigBob says:

    Best of luck.

    I have passed the church many a time. It’s not a bad location with a good amount of through traffic to catch.

  3. The Devil Drink says:

    God 0 – 1 Gluttony

  4. John Surname says:

    It should be called “Sacrelicious!”

  5. FDB says:

    Sacramental as Anything?

  6. The Devil Drink says:

    Actually, make me happy and have the bakery called Jesus Christ on a Croissant. Please.

  7. guess says:

    A Church converted into a bakery, not a novel idea as night clubs and restaurants have done this all before.

    Though I do the like the progress so far, keep up the blog entires!

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