Asteroids: a nasty business . . .

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  1. Jacques Chester says:

    The related article:

    I was interested by the mention of an asteroid striking in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Something like that must have left a cultural impact — dreamtime stories, Javanese accounts etc.

  2. Not to mention tsunamis to end all tsunamis in South East Asia! There must be good historical records.

  3. Jacques Chester says:

    I suppose I should also take the time to point out that a civilisation with mature ICI would have a much better chance of detecting and deflecting such a celestial body. Even, dare I say it, profiting on the deal with a spot of mining along the way.

  4. NPOV says:

    Great music I have to say…anyone know where to find any details about it?

  5. rf says:

    The music sounds like a Michael Nyman composition. Unfortunately I can’t think from which movie soundtrack it might have come from.

  6. french guy says:

    Maybe a little Ice Age like the one 5000 years ago would be a solution to global warming. Good side to asteroids? Maybe it’d still be better to deflect them.

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