Meanwhile in the solar system is really something IMO, but if you want an eerie and remarkable experience, just left click on this 1 minute movie to download it and travel in silence with Cassini around Saturn.


PS: well you’ll ‘left click’ if you use your left hand to operate your mouse like me.  Others will right click.

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6 Responses to Meanwhile in the solar system

  1. Patrick says:

    Or I who use my left hand but don’t reverse the buttons…

  2. Jeremy says:

    I suspect that was made using Celestia.

    You can do more with that than just watch Saturn from Cassini…

  3. Liam says:

    “Right” refers to the button’s position on the mouse, not your finger, Nick.
    It’s the right button to save even if you click with your nose, prehensile tail or tentacle.

  4. FDB says:

    Liam, you know you can reverse the buttons, left right? This might be the only time I ever make you look silly in the nerd stakes, so suck it up.

  5. Liam says:

    FDB yes I know.
    Put the mouse in front of you. There is a button on the left, and a button on the right. These positions are absolute and not related to their functionality.

  6. FDB says:

    Oh, so you’re just misunderstanding Nicholas and your computer skillz are as madd as evah.

    To labour the point further, once Nicholas and his sinister kind have reversed these buttons, and then they… shall we say, ‘alt-click’ on something, they are clicking via the moving part on the left hand side of their mouse. Hence ‘left-click’.

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