Anzac Day Post

Anzac Day. A day for reminiscing. A day for remembering great deeds, and the heroic words that were written about them.

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3 Responses to Anzac Day Post

  1. Pedro says:

    Yes, what a pity Gillard failed again.

    “All of us remember, because all of us inhabit the freedom the Anzacs won for us.”

  2. Patrick says:

    I love the curmudgeonly old fart thing, I do it reasonably well myself if I must say so.

    But I think the curmudgeonly old fart things in this context has degraded to no more than a pathetic iteration of class snobbery and ‘things aren’t what they used to be’.

    Today’s soldiers, seamen and air force personnel aren’t any less brave that I know of, but I reckon they (and for that matter many of the original ANZACs) are more like the yobbo youth you’re so heartily sick of than they are you.

  3. Rex says:

    Yeah? I reckon they’d see a group of young people from a background of unimaginable wealth and privilege, indulging their emotions in a very unmanly manner. I think they’d say “Harden the Fuck Up Kids.”

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