Cover Art

There’s a beauty to cover songs.  The musician, free from obligation to be new, hip commercial or even original, has simply to play homage to the songs that they love. When some people, not big stars, just talented people with some recording gear and the desire to have a crack on their own, put their own little gems on the internet.  I think it’s worth pointing them out.

This, I think, is one of the very best examples.  Do you agree or have you found better?

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2 Responses to Cover Art

  1. Pedro says:

    Your question is not presenting alternatives. I could think that one of the best and still have found better. Useless pedantry aside. I really like covers that totally change the feel of a song. Here are two of my favourites

    pogues and the band played waltzing matilda (which doesn’t change the feel of the song but will bring tears to your eyes.)

    and at a totally different emotional level, but still a great cover

    nouvelle vague too drunk to fuck.

    • Rex R says:

      Pedro. Love the Pogues cover. Don’t know the other song at all.

      Perhaps the distinction I was trying to draw is unrealistic. There are brilliant famous covers that are now part of the canon. Like Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, or several by Joe Cocker.

      Perhaps its a distinction that can’t be realistically made – But I am referring to great covers, by musicians who are not well known.

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