I managed to trigger the warning email below, presumably by installing Gmail Meter. But I’ve uninstalled it. It comes every day or so. The first link generates a “Forbidden: Error 403” while the latter link invites me to do some programing at Google Developer. I can’t unsubscribe, and Gmail won’t let me mark it as junk. The Troppo Mercedes is available for a two week respite from the panelbeaters for the person who can answer this question:

What the hell can I do?

Your script, Gmail Meter, has recently failed to finish successfully. A summary of the failure(s) is shown below. To configure the triggers for this script, or change your setting for receiving future failure notifications, click here.




Error Message



8/19/14 1:17 AM


Authorization is required to perform that action.


8/19/14 1:17 AM


Google Apps Script

Need help? Visit the Google Apps Script documentation. Please do not reply to this message. (c) 2014 Google

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2 Responses to Help!

  1. Tel says:

    I think (not sure) If you are paying for the proper version of gmai, they have a help desk. Would be interested to hear the result if you try this option.

    Failing that maybe this?

  2. Stephen Bounds says:

    As per Tel’s linked article: “I reinstalled Gmail Meter and then deleted it . That fixed the problem.” Worth a try?

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