Lest we forget that Woolworths are the fresh food people: Troppo competition


Woolies and its marketers plumb the depths of vileness. Apparently they’ve taken it down with a delicious non-apology. It “regretted” it had caused offence.
File next to corporate pedophilia under “The banality of corporate exploitation”.

Anyway, it’s a worthy subject for a competition. Come up with something more lacking in basic decency and sensibility. I’m afraid it’s not worth the Merc Sports, but Rooter can be let off the leash for a drag round the block before being flown to the Dardanelles for more important duties on the 23rd of April. He’s needed to be the subject of a special five minute human-interest multi-media packet for current affairs programs on the Big Day “Rooter and his donkey”.

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12 Responses to Lest we forget that Woolworths are the fresh food people: Troppo competition

  1. Weary Dunlop says:

    Maybe – “Lettuce forget that Woolworths are the fresh food people” ?

  2. derrida derider says:

    AFAIK the common law crime of Blasphemy is still extant. Can we bring criminal charges? After all, its an obvious violation of the Lord’s commandment – “Thou shalt not take the name of ANZAC in vain”.

    Look, if people are getting their knickers in a knot about this it just shows that they are taking the Anzac myth far too seriously. It shouldn’t be a bloody religion, ferchrissakes. This was an event of 100 years ago which actually did very little to either safeguard Australia or contribute to its development. Most of the population will not even have a 1st AIF ancestor. And the original point of “Lest We Forget” (from Kipling) is not to forget how stupid and wicked it is to send people to the other side of the world to kill and be killed – something that the politicians pushing this religion have made a point of forgetting.

    I’d rather we kept to the original point of “Lest We Forget”.

    • Phil says:

      My old man always interpreted the Recessional as regret at loss of empire. But you’re right DD, the phrase Lest We Forget has been misappropriated beyond all decency.

  3. Nicholas Gruen says:

    I agree with where you’re coming from DD, and thought you might mistake what I said as if I were attributing some sacredness to the event. I think Gallipoli was the usual forlorn disaster – the kind of thing we seem to have a habit of getting ourselves into on a pretty regular basis. I’d be more than happy to dial down the carrying on about Gallipoli a great deal.

    So it’s not that sense at all. It’s the category mistake involved that pisses me off. “Fresh in our memories”. Perhaps Woolies could sponsor funerals around Australia and pay for the coffins so long as they have “Fresh in our memories ®” on them.

    Give me a break.

  4. ChrisB says:

    Wasn’t there a minor brouhaha over the TV premiere of “The Holocaust: sponsored by North Sea Gas”?

  5. Weary Dunlop says:

    How about celebrating Anzac Day with “Turks ears” confectionery jellies on a necklace? *

    Fresh as the day Uncle Davo sliced them off the heathens with his bayonet.

    *=Gluten and dairy free.

  6. Matt says:

    Was the Woolies non-apology delivered solemnly backed by furled flags with the double-us prominent somewhere around the speaker’s shoulder height?

    I’m surprised that the commercial expropriation of ANZAC surprises anyone. We are an economy after all. Has anyone asked Christmas, and Easter, and Uncle Valentine, or Mum and Dad for comment? They’re the jaded ones huddled together over there hoping like all get out that none of the Age of Outrage (TM thingy) leaks out of this bag onto the carpet.

  7. Greg says:

    Re “we are an economy” – according to the schoolgirl who served me at “Wild Horses” bread dispensary we are now going to be able to commemorate the death of Jesus all year round with Hot X Buns.
    As to Woolies – perhaps they could have a special deal on Ottomans on April 25.

  8. rog says:

    Woolies are copping some heat from German no names retailer Aldi. True blue Aussies should be both alert and alarmed at this threat to one of our national icons.

  9. Winston says:

    Gallipoli was deliberate culling. It’s not possible to be that stupid.

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