Organising a stimulus ? Organising a ball: #TheInterview.

A nice illustration of how the economy is for Dad. Google for images of “the economy” and see how many women turn up.

I haven’t the time to write this up, right now, though I’d like to, but here’s my first regular interview of the year with Alex Sloan on Canberra ABC Radio which was a nice rollicking ramble on the question of what we do in the next recession.

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  1. I am and will always be Not Trampis says:

    it depends on whether we have secular stagnation or not. If not then monetary policy takes precedence. If so it won’t work very well and you have to rely on fiscal policy.

    However secular stagnation does imply reform is needed of some sort!

  2. David Walker says:

    Terrific thinking about stimulus here. Really worth a listen, for anyone who’s wondering. Is it written up anywhere?

    One query: why would you think that aprons are an exclusively female thing? Don’t you cook – or, for that matter, weld?

    • David Walker says:

      OK, came back after a few days’ break to listen to this and had forgotten that Nick specifically said it’s not written up anywhere.

    • Nicholas Gruen says:

      Thanks David,

      And you’ve answered the first question you put below. As for the second, you’re right but you have to tiptoe around these days. Especially with truculent interviewers!

  3. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Some similar ideas about the efficacy of a feminised stimulus explored here, though in a style that’s not to my taste. What I mean by that is that it’s very much an advocacy piece advocating spending more on systems, not using that spending to improve their operations. There’s also the practical political question of how you have a surge in spending which is self-liquidating as our ‘cash splashes’ and short sharp light infrastructure building program was – in the case of both school buildings and pink batts (though there were other – OHS – issues with pink batts which are not relevant to this point – and themselves are not as cut-and-dried as the then Opposition would have had us – and did have us – believe).

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