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Erwin Fabian: 1915 –

Postscript photo of the event Yes folks you read that right. Erwin Fabian who came to Australia on the same prison ship as my Dad is having another exhibition and it’s a special one. He’s turning 100 and the sculptures are a … Continue reading

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How not to rate (or review) a play

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Keynes on the arts

Someone sent me this article by Keynes celebrating the Arts Council in the Listener shortly after World War II had been won in Europe. A world away, and worth a read. JMKeynes_Listener1945

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Upcoming event in Canberra

Fellow Troppodilians, especially those resident in Canberra, may I commend this production of Black Diggers to you. I saw it last year in Sydney at a packed out matinee (only tickets available) at the Opera House on Australia Day! It … Continue reading

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How Big Ideas are Built: Rowan Gibson, ‎Innovation Thought Leader gives us the lowdown

Oh well I guess snark can be justified as necessary to keeping standards above some rock bottom. Anyway, I did wonder whether this article on the Renaissance and innovation was the silliest thing written on either. Even ignoring the fact that … Continue reading

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Neutralising NIMBYs

The NIMBY Brigade is a blight on urban civil society. These people have never seen a new development that they don’t oppose, unless it’s a community vegetable garden or possibly a Montessori preschool built from mud bricks (although only if … Continue reading

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Nietzschean evolutionary psychology

I have a strange habit of looking for bargain books. Why is this a strange habit? Because it looks awfully like a false economy. After all, even if you don’t read a book through, just reading a few chapters might take you … Continue reading

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