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The logic of the inevitable (nuclear) apocalypse. Can the Gods save us?

The probability of a massive nuclear war the next 10 years between any of the 8 current nuclear powers (US, UK, France, Russia, India, Pakistan, NK, Israel) seems low. The bluster of the leaders is supposed to make the threat … Continue reading

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“T” isn’t just for Troppo. T is for Trump

Well folks after a gruelling (if largely imaginary) 24 hour period haggling with other Troppmeisters, I’m pleased to announce Troppo’s unanimous support for The Donald for President of the Greatest Country on Earth. We were locked in disagreement until we … Continue reading

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Empathy and self-centredness: A couple of graphs

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Nietzschean evolutionary psychology

I have a strange habit of looking for bargain books. Why is this a strange habit? Because it looks awfully like a false economy. After all, even if you don’t read a book through, just reading a few chapters might take you … Continue reading

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Values update: Authenticity rockets up the charts

A Troppo community service:  As we wind down for Christmas I think we all need to reflect on our values. And as most Troppo readers would agree, values are like any other thing in life. Much better if they’re the product … Continue reading

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Where in the world?

Reviving an old Troppo tradition – and you can cheat if you want to by following the picture’s url. And what’s causing the dark streaks?

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Thread of doom play for the day: Size does matter

Disappointed Troppo readers everywhere have gradually come to a realisation – upon which I came clean on in a recent thread.  Troppo is really an ‘eyeballs’ play as we say in the trade and things haven’t been this good for … Continue reading

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