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Empathy and self-centredness: A couple of graphs

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Nietzschean evolutionary psychology

I have a strange habit of looking for bargain books. Why is this a strange habit? Because it looks awfully like a false economy. After all, even if you don’t read a book through, just reading a few chapters might take you … Continue reading

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Values update: Authenticity rockets up the charts

A Troppo community service:  As we wind down for Christmas I think we all need to reflect on our values. And as most Troppo readers would agree, values are like any other thing in life. Much better if they’re the product … Continue reading

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Where in the world?

Reviving an old Troppo tradition – and you can cheat if you want to by following the picture’s url. And what’s causing the dark streaks?

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Thread of doom play for the day: Size does matter

Disappointed Troppo readers everywhere have gradually come to a realisation – upon which I came clean on in a recent thread.  Troppo is really an ‘eyeballs’ play as we say in the trade and things haven’t been this good for … Continue reading

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Around 85 percent of Wikipedia entries are by men

I learned this somewhat startling fact last week. I was in a group of people – public servants – who clearly thought it was a problem, something to be ‘managed’ or ameliorated in some way. After all, it’s not very … Continue reading

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Please explain

I made a comment here a couple of days ago which I believe expresses the frustrations of many about the chronic failure of the Labor government, both under Rudd and Gillard,  to effectively prosecute the case for reform in just … Continue reading

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