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Crikey: now is the time …

For those wishing to participate in the group Crikey subscription, please email me on ngruen AT gmail with “Crikey” in the subject heading and after a week or so I’ll send the details onto Cricky and they’ll be in touch.

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Elections and development #NeverLetAGoodDeedGoUnpunished

Do anti-poverty programs sway voters? Experimental evidence from Uganda By: Blattman, Christopher ; Emeriau, Mathilde ; Fiala, Nathan A Ugandan government program allowed groups of young people to submit proposals to start skilled enterprises. Among 535 eligible proposals, the government … Continue reading

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Ian Marsh: Australia’s gridlocked Parliament

A friend of mine Ian Marsh sent me this op ed which one of the papers said it would publish last week. Personally, I’m not surprised that they didn’t. They’re waiting for it to be validated by being put through its paces here … Continue reading

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Some recent papers of interest

Persistent Social Networks: Civil War Veterans who Fought Together Co-Locate in Later Life by Dora L. Costa, Matthew E. Kahn, Christopher Roudiez, Sven Wilson  –  #22397 (AG DAE HE) Abstract: At the end of the U.S Civil War, veterans had to choose whether … Continue reading

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The hidden story of urban refugees

The post below is a guest post from a fine person who is a friend of mine. Sonia Ben Ali,, Co-founder and Executive Director of the international NGO, Urban Refugees. It’s a pretty fledgeling organisation with a remarkably important mission. Lateral … Continue reading

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Surprises of the Internet

With the Internet being a regular feature of our lives for about 20 years now, what have been the related developments that were hard to pick at the outset? What are the lessons? Five thoughts: Communication and personal expression is … Continue reading

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Nietzschean evolutionary psychology

I have a strange habit of looking for bargain books. Why is this a strange habit? Because it looks awfully like a false economy. After all, even if you don’t read a book through, just reading a few chapters might take you … Continue reading

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