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Coal pollution and health before WWI

Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation Date: 2016-12 By: Abdulkadiroğlu, Atila (Duke University) ; Angrist, Joshua (MIT) ; Narita, Yusuke (Yale University) ; Pathak, Parag A. (MIT) Atmospheric pollution was an important side effect of … Continue reading

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A meaningless sentence

The following is a guest post by David Morris, Principal Lawyer of the Environmental Defenders Office (NT). The Northern Territory already carries a 1 billion dollar burden for legacy mines. These are mine sites where the company has walked away and left … Continue reading

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Is destroying illegal ivory a really bad idea?

Governments around the world have in recent years destroyed their seized stockpiles of illegal ivory, egged on by the World Wildlife Federation which believes it sends a signal to gangs that kill Elephants and Rhinos for their tusks. In January, … Continue reading

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Fracking off the gas drillers

This week’s announcement by Pangaea Resources that it is suspending its NT onshore gas exploration drilling program and laying off 140 workers, following the Labor Opposition’s indication that it will impose an indefinite moratorium on fracking, has provoked predictable responses … Continue reading

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Don’t holler for a Marshall (Island) just yet

Julie Bishop is in strife with the left-leaning Twittersphere for making light of the plight of Pacific Islanders, who are seemingly in peril of sinking beneath the waves due to global warming unless they receive large shipments of cash from … Continue reading

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Natural gas, global warming and the NT

I’ve written a few Northern Territory posts recently.  This is another one, but it has some significant national implications (I think). Tuesday’s announcement of Asian conglomerate Jemena as the preferred bidder to construct a gas pipeline connecting the Northern Territory to Queensland … Continue reading

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Where are we with Geo-Engineering in 2014?

Geo-engineering is increasingly looking like the only politically viable way of averting temperature rises above 2 degrees in the coming century. This is for three interlocking reasons: i) Any mayor country can try geo-engineering on its own without permission from … Continue reading

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