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Would sortition help against corruption?

Political parties and institutions in Australia and the US are increasingly dominated by interest groups representing the few, leading to a large policy-induced increase in inequality in recent decades and a long raft of new policies favouring the few by … Continue reading

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From the High Court: We decide who comes here and if not, by the number they are known

From the High Court, 2002 Barrister Geoffrey Johnson: Well, your Honour, if it is of assistance, the practice in the Federal Court…has been to call the applicant by the assigned name. Guadron, J.: The assigned name? Johnson: Well, there is … Continue reading

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Resurrection of the History Wars

As you can see from the above image,  the Daily Telegraph revived John Howard’s History Wars the other day. Indeed they even disinterred Howard’s favourite undead RWNJ historian Keith Windschuttle to lend an air of faux integrity to the whole … Continue reading

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What I’m reading: Things about the Parthenon YOU WON’T BELIEVE!!

What is the meaning of the relief sculpture above? I recall when I was last on the Athenian Acropolis just over a year ago marvelling at the Parthenon, not just its emphatic and sublime beauty but also its strangeness. It’s so big … Continue reading

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Turkish government handsomely rewarded for realpolitik

I visited Turkey in April last year, traveling through the country, witnessing the troubles of the leadership of the ruling AKP party: it had just lost a general election that left it without a workable majority in parliament and only … Continue reading

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Concept Split: Shockwaves!!!

If Rex can give us his guide to Gravitational Waves – a very impressive performance I have to say, then I can dust off an old document from my days at the ANU law school – in the late 1980s. Concept Split: … Continue reading

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As an aficionado of DOC, someone sent me this article on young Italian immigration, which I’ve celebrated before. Anyway enjoy the vid. It makes you feel grateful to live in such a great place.

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