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Feet of clay weekend competition: Ray Kurtzweil edition

People may know of Ray Kurtzweil. I first saw him at a conference in Melbourne where he was introduced as the greatest thing since sliced bread (an introduction he’d clearly had a hand in writing or authorising) and kept talking about … Continue reading

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Is Julian Assange about to get arrested? And what then?

Queensland boy Julian Assange seems set to walk out of the Ecuadorian embassy soon, hoping that the announcement by the UN human rights panel on the arbitrariness of his detention will protect him from being arrested. The baseline scenario is … Continue reading

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Costume drama: Two more duds

Some readers will be aware of my distaste for costume drama – films about the past without any serious effort to engage with the difference of the past. It’s a crime against Oscar Wilde’s great admonition to Bosie. Shallowness is … Continue reading

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“T” isn’t just for Troppo. T is for Trump

Well folks after a gruelling (if largely imaginary) 24 hour period haggling with other Troppmeisters, I’m pleased to announce Troppo’s unanimous support for The Donald for President of the Greatest Country on Earth. We were locked in disagreement until we … Continue reading

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Is change we can’t theorise, change we can believe in? Part One

There’s a world of difference between (let’s call it) youthful social change seeking in the sixties and immediate post-sixties social and political movements and much social change seeking today. Then the focus was largely on political activism. And ‘theory’ played … Continue reading

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Surprises of the Internet

With the Internet being a regular feature of our lives for about 20 years now, what have been the related developments that were hard to pick at the outset? What are the lessons? Five thoughts: Communication and personal expression is … Continue reading

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British Film Festival

Festival Website | Films | Melbourne Schedule Top Picks Youth (Opening Night) Two old friends vacation at a prestigious hotel in the Swiss Alps. Fred is a suave socialite and retired composer who the British royal family is pestering to … Continue reading

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