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Surprises of the Internet

With the Internet being a regular feature of our leaves for about 20 years now, what have been the related developments that were hard to pick at the outset, what are the lessons? Five thoughts: Communication and personal expression is … Continue reading

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British Film Festival

Festival Website | Films | Melbourne Schedule Top Picks Youth (Opening Night) Two old friends vacation at a prestigious hotel in the Swiss Alps. Fred is a suave socialite and retired composer who the British royal family is pestering to … Continue reading

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[T]he great thing in all education is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy. . .  A ‘character,’ as J.S. Mill says, “is a completely fashioned will”. William James, The Laws of Habit “Taste” is a word … Continue reading

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Sons of Liberty

Yes, folks flying high above the Pacific Ocean (which as Woody Allen’s father concedes to his mother is a worse ocean than the Atlantic Ocean) I took in the final episode of the History Chanel’s “Sons of Liberty” a mini-series about … Continue reading

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Some wisdom on Europe from 1972!

John Pinder, “Economic Growth, Social Justice and Political Reform,” in Richard Mayne (ed.), Europe Tomorrow: Sixteen Europeans Look Ahead (1972): “… the European Community appears to be moving towards a repetition of the old centralizing errors of the nation-states, by making economic … Continue reading

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RIP Ann Gruen

The video above is a recording of the speeches at a funeral for my mother who died at around 10.15 am on Sunday 7th June. Sadly she was far gone – not with it for several years. As her mind … Continue reading

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Keynes on the arts

Someone sent me this article by Keynes celebrating the Arts Council in the Listener shortly after World War II had been won in Europe. A world away, and worth a read. JMKeynes_Listener1945

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