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Moral Rights: what are they good for?

I’m no fan of moral rights, but there you are. Artists are, so perhaps I should change my tune. The Valuation of Moral Rights: A Field Experiment By: Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zürich) ; Christoph Engel (Max Planck Institute for Research … Continue reading

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The free rider problem – and opportunity: you heard it first at Troppo

Well I’ve been going on and on about it, but here’s an academic paper contrasting the free rider problem and opportunity. Knowledge Properties and Economic Policy: A New Look By Antonelli, Cristiano (University of Turin) This paper explores the full range of … Continue reading

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement

I gave a talk at the Lowy Institute last Wednesday to which I initially gave a long-winded title “Intellectual Property- Economics, Diplomacy and Australia’s strategic interests” but managed to get more cut-through under the pressure of Twitters 140 character limit “DFAT goes AWOL on IP”. … Continue reading

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Weaving professional and practical knowledge together: TACSI launches open source human services in Australia

This is a reworking of an earlier post – but reworked with Chief Innovation Officer of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Chris Vanstone, there’s quite a bit of new content for those who are interested. Cross posted at … Continue reading

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Getting beyond woeful: my submission to the PC’s inquiry on Intellectual Property

From a quick squiz at their report, the PC seems to have done an excellent job on the question of IP. It didn’t put too much effort distorting its recommendations to somehow second guess what was politically palatable and just … Continue reading

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Upcoming event- The 2014 Francis Gurry lecture: “IP in Transition: desperately seeking the Big Picture”

  The lecture will be delivered (in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane) by Jeremy Phillips. Jeremy (or more exactly a fictional and “notorious” cat: the IPKat) has three times, been named as one of IP’s  “Fifty Most Influential People “. The … Continue reading

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Artists Resale Royalties: on bullshit, part three

Australia’s Artists Resale Royalty (ARR ) scheme has so far cost taxpayers $2.2 million in direct support. And over many years the publicly funded lobbyists for this scheme, headed up by the National Association for the Visual Arts  Ltd, have … Continue reading

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