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Some Game of Thrones Season 8 speculation

Let me indulge, purely for entertainment value, in some fan-speculation on what we will see on-screen after the Long Night is over and the final 6 episodes Of Game of Thrones are run in 2019. Let me first talk about … Continue reading

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Happy 20th birthday to blogging!

Just a note to record the fact that blogging is 20 years old this month, maybe. New media legend Dave Winer, a rare combination of great writer and programmer, started posting at DaveNet on 7 October 1994, as Philip Greenspun points out. … Continue reading

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Troppo motto contest

You may notice that I have changed the masthead motto, which until now read “the suppository of centrist wisdom since 2012”.  It was a somewhat snide and gratuitous reference to a Tony Abbott malapropism uttered in the leadup to the … Continue reading

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Values update: Authenticity rockets up the charts

A Troppo community service:  As we wind down for Christmas I think we all need to reflect on our values. And as most Troppo readers would agree, values are like any other thing in life. Much better if they’re the product … Continue reading

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Best From Elsewhere – a new Troppo feature

For quite a few years Club Troppo has had a self-appointed mission to bring the best of blogosphere writing to a wider audience. There’s a lot of rich, diverse, high quality material out there, much more so than in the … Continue reading

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Troppo – your portal to the best in blog reading

Want to save time and identify the best in Australian blogosphere writing?  See these features built into the recently re-designed Troppo front page. If you can’t find several excellent articles every day of the week among that lot, you’re very … Continue reading

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It’s a sad day in the Aus blogosphere.  Leading left-leaning group blog  Larvatus Prodeo has folded its capacious tent and joined the ranks of ex-parrots blogs.  Supremo senior commissar Mark Bahnisch explains the public rationale: We collectively feel seven years … Continue reading

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