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Some Game of Thrones Season 8 speculation

Let me indulge, purely for entertainment value, in some fan-speculation on what we will see on-screen after the Long Night is over and the final 6 episodes Of Game of Thrones are run in 2019. Let me first talk about … Continue reading

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My trip: the interview

In case anyone’s interested, I did an interview on “My Trip” which can be downloaded from this link.

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China-US travel bleg

I’m heading off overseas with my 15 year old son. Turns out the cheapest way to get to the US, where we’re spending most of our time is via China. And, in case you’re interested and didn’t know of it, … Continue reading

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Passing round the hat

Here’s a great picture of the sub-assemblies of the Boeing 787 (Dreamliner – ok it’s a silly name, but it’s somehow fun to say). Its touted by Deloitte as an example of how disaggregated industries are. But looking at it … Continue reading

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Australia is Part of Asia

It is, of course, the season for holiday fun times making worthless definitions. Last week my wife and I were making a rare trip into Namba, a popular entertainment and shopping district in Osaka. We happened to see a restaurant … Continue reading

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SIM cards abroad

One of the more extraordinary things in life is the amount you can be charged by your mobile carrier on ‘international roaming’. It’s completely extraordinary with amazing stories of people downloading serious amounts of data – eg for a movie … Continue reading

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