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Quick links

Here are a few of the links I’ve been clicking over the past few days: When is economic growth good for the poor? At Consider the Evidence Lane Kenworthy reveals the awful truth — governments can make poor people better … Continue reading

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Pinchgut 2010

Orpheus and Eurydice by Carlo Cignani (1628-1719) O everlasting gods! I see your lovely eyes and your beautiful face, and yet I cannot believe my own eyes! These are the sentiments of Orpheus on being reunited with Eurydice in Hades, … Continue reading

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A non-detention, non-bleeding heart asylum seeker policy

The publication of an edited version of my Troppo post about abolition of mandatory universal detention of asylum seekers at the ABC Unleashed site has certainly been an interesting experience. Fairly predictably it attracted the sort of polarised “howling into … Continue reading

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Web developer bleg

I’m looking for a good web designer who can integrate a web presence with Facebook and Twitter and who also has a working familiarity with higher education learning management systems and in particular Blackboard. Can someone point me towards a … Continue reading

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Glenn Stevens suggests we think about managing the boom

RBA governor Glenn Stevens always goes to the big issues. His latest speech notes that we are becoming more dependent on China and India buying our resources, and adds that these countries will probably have their ups and downs over … Continue reading

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The broadband cargo cult, dissected

Occasionally a report comes along which should give people a whole new way of looking at a public policy debate. A new report on universal high-speed broadband (UHSB) via fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), titled “Superfast: Is It Really Worth a Subsidy?”, does … Continue reading

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Qantas – it’s not just the engines

From: Nicholas Gruen (Lateral Economics) Sent: Saturday, 20 November 2010 3:12 PM To: Assistant Subject: Qantas Booking Hi there, I purchased the ticket with details below at Mascot Airport and they said they’d send me my invoice by e-mail, but … Continue reading

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