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Ad hoc research anyone?

I have a reminder from a dentist to go see him so he can check his handiwork putting a cap on one of my teeth. From memory this took four visits and cost several thousand dollars. He seems like a … Continue reading

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Public goods morphing through the ages: the case of Abbotsford Convent

The people at Abbotsford Convent asked me to pen a ‘shout’ for their fundraising campaign. I’d recently been on a tour of the place, and though I’d been there before and wandered around curiously, on the tour I was transported … Continue reading

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Lamest April Fools’ Day joke so far today. There must be better efforts out  there. Just post ’em as you find ’em. Please. I could use a bit of ROFLMAO today. Update (9:41 EDST): I wish I’d taken a screen … Continue reading

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Double Bleg: Great Accountant and Dentist needed

Well here we are at the beginning of another year trying to get things in order. And I’ve got two bits of spring cleaning (OK so seasonal metaphors are dominated by northern hemisphere geography – I guess I’m doing summer … Continue reading

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Boxing day bleg: how strongly do you feel about the weather?

I know three people who say they’re quite strongly affected by the weather. They dislike rainy, overcast or muggy days and like fine ones that are not too hot or cold. Me? Well I agree, but while I can enjoy … Continue reading

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China-US travel bleg

I’m heading off overseas with my 15 year old son. Turns out the cheapest way to get to the US, where we’re spending most of our time is via China. And, in case you’re interested and didn’t know of it, … Continue reading

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Dear Nokia: a plea for simplicity. Guest post by Mike Pepperday

Dear Nokia, I hear you have fallen on hard times. I have two product suggestions: 1. Make a mobile that is purely a telephone 2. Make a phone in the shape of a pen The two could well be combined. … Continue reading

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