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Tennis before larger racquet heads

Noticing my checking of vids of Wimbledon, Youtube has been serving up far too many excerpts of tennis for my own good but I’ve got a bit of a fascination with how the game has changed. Anyway, this is as … Continue reading

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Fire and ice

Last night I came off a series of deadlines and sat in my chair, catching up on a backlog of emails. I also watched David Stratton’s series on David Stratton with some Australian Movies worked into it currently on iView (episode 2) which was … Continue reading

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I wrote these words just before we nearly threw away the 2010 Premiership. [I]t’s hard to figure out what exactly the plan is up forward. In the case of virtually any other club, if a mid-fielder gets the ball and … Continue reading

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The gamebrand’s the thing

It’s well past time to reconsider our communal attitude towards professional sport.  We’re subjected almost daily to scandals about drug cheating, gross and usually drunken behaviour  by sports people, rorted salary caps and match-fixing by players colluding with bookmakers and … Continue reading

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Cool graphic. Spot the outlier!

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Dances with wolves

I met Adam Goodes very briefly in a restaurant in Randwick in 2000. He was then not well known but my sports-mad son Oliver noticed him and pestered me to let him request an autograph. I eventually relented and, when … Continue reading

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And now for some good news on racism: raising awareness makes a big difference

Awareness Reduces Racial Bias by Devin G. Pope, Joseph Price, Justin Wolfers  –  #19765 (LS PE) Abstract: Can raising awareness of racial bias subsequently reduce that bias? We address this question by exploiting the widespread media attention highlighting racial bias among professional basketball referees that occurred … Continue reading

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