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Politics and solving problems

Here’s a skilful pitch for government dollars. Why shouldn’t online appointments with medical health people be funded under Medicare. Why indeed? It’s all slickly done as you’d expect from These guys have optimised social campaigns to a high art. Anyway, it got me … Continue reading

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Open government: Such, such were the joys

A quick placeholder for something more substantial hopefully soon. Have a look at this ridiculous letter in response to a request to see a copy of the independent scoping study into future ownership options for the ASIC Registry. Judging by other experiences I’m aware … Continue reading

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Truth-telling in the epistemic quagmire of the politico-infotainment complex: Donald Trump Edition

Pilate said unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and said unto them, I find in him no fault at all. The Gospel according to John 18:38 Picasso once famously … Continue reading

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Italian Film Festival

Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks Perfect Strangers (Opening Night) Fueled by a fiendishly clever screenplay and an all-star cast, Perfect Strangers gathers a group of good friends around the dining table-three thirty something couples and a bachelor-where … Continue reading

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Deliberative democracy: A sad story

This story from this larger study speaks for itself, but is illustrative of some of the themes of my previous post on deliberative democracy. In the spring of 2004 we began work on a citizens’ jury process that we co-designed with the residents … Continue reading

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Gay marriage: Some thoughts about the politics

I haven’t read any columns on the gay marriage imbroglio so maybe people have already said all this but … it seems to me that the circumstances now provide the left of centre parties with an opportunity to humiliate their opponents. There’s no bigger … Continue reading

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Why is our faith in democratic politics collapsing?

I With democracy now serving the interests of the 1%, the public are disenchanted and finally sending the elites packing – courtesy of the Brexit vote and the (relative) popularity of Donald Trump and in Australia the rising vote of minor parties. That’s the … Continue reading

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