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Carlsen and the world championship

After a very gruelling 11 rounds of classical chess which produced nine draws and one win for either side, Magnus Carlsen surprised most people by not trying very hard for a win in his final ‘classical’ game with challenger Sergey … Continue reading

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Little platoons of the left and right

The intimidatingly well informed Brad Delong used the following quote from Rosa Luxemburg to bid “good riddance” to Fidel Castro. I don’t know enough to agree or disagree, but as I read Luxemburg’s words, I wasn’t thinking of communism. I was … Continue reading

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From the current issue of the Dunera News

Ruthi, a young girl in internment: by Melinda Mockridge and Ruth Simon Ruth Simon, née Gottlieb, can still remember what it was like to live in an internment camp, behind barbed wire at Tatura during the Second World War. Ruth, now … Continue reading

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Michelle Guthrie and the ABC

Last Friday I attended a speech by the new ABC CEO Michelle Guthrie put on by the New News conference which is always good value and a tribute to the forward-looking energy of Margaret Simons – Melbourne Uni professor of Journalism and frequently practising … Continue reading

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Google Calendar and Time Zones

Setting appointments I’ll be attending in London next week on Google Calendar has reminded me of a problem that online calendars haven’t sorted out – at least to my satisfaction (or perhaps knowledge); how to handle appointments when there are … Continue reading

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Dispatch no. 2 from the epistemic swamp

I’ve just posted the first version of the introduction to this post on the first dispatch from the epistemic swamp, but I thought I’d open up the discussion again on a new thread. The tweet above surely highlights different ideas of truth and authenticity. Of course, … Continue reading

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Jewish Film Festival

Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks Denial (Opening Night) In the 1990s, an impassioned and articulate American Professor Deborah Lipstadt publishes a book titled ‘Denying The Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory’. Soon after, a prominent … Continue reading

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