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Against Stategy

Cross-posted from the Mandarin We do have a few advantages, perhaps the greatest being that we don’t have a strategic plan Warren Buffett It’s a common lament that, within organisations whether in the public, private or not-for-profit sector, boards and/or senior … Continue reading

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Crimes against empathy: Where are the stories?

I’ve weighed in previously on the relentless emphasis on symbolism in the political prosecution of aboriginal issues in Australia. This isn’t necessarily a criticism of aboriginal activists because, as I argued, they’re working within the rules of memefication. I can add that, where … Continue reading

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I wrote these words just before we nearly threw away the 2010 Premiership. [I]t’s hard to figure out what exactly the plan is up forward. In the case of virtually any other club, if a mid-fielder gets the ball and … Continue reading

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Travesties of the proverbial: Fukuyama and the id of history

Travesties of the proverbial is a very occasional series one post of which began with these words. Keen readers of this blog will know that occasionally, just occasionally I identify a saying or concept which has somehow come to signify something … Continue reading

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An email

This evening I received a highly significant email. It’s from National Archives with which I’m doing some minor business. I have no idea what it means, but I figure it could be of considerable use to someone. If that person is you, I commend it to you. It’s … Continue reading

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Organisational culture and the generative commons: The ethics of buzzwords

Here’s a list of buzzwords. I want to make a quick point. Note that there are very few ugly neologisms there – or even expressions that don’t have clear meanings. Most of the expressions have very clear meanings. Indeed, some of … Continue reading

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I’ve known Victor Perton since he was a lively Liberal MP interested in approaches to regulation that were more promising than the standard reg review boilerplate of the time. Neither of us made any progress on that score and reg review remains … Continue reading

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