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Academia: from inefficient effectiveness to efficient ineffectiveness

If, as I think, academia has gone from being inefficient but effective to being efficient but ineffective (a proposition I won’t defend here), the mechanism for making the switch was going from embodied cognition to abstract Cartesian cognition, or to … Continue reading

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Pedantry is not its own reward – and it’s certainly not ours!

Pedantry is alluring. Especially if one gets some aesthetic satisfaction from the way words are used. One can see off some fine expressions. Take “begs the question” for instance. I love this term because it is such a simple, chummy … Continue reading

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The British Film Festival

Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks Military Wives (Opening Night) The life of a military wife can be thankless. Separated from loved ones, their suffering and sacrifice go unnoticed while they live with the dread of a fateful … Continue reading

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Greek film festival

Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks 1968 (Opening Night) April 4th, 1968: Greece is under right-wing military rule. In Athens, 80,000 people have gathered at the stadium, while millions are glued to their radios — like the tram … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from on high

Sometimes we should just be grateful in this country for the steady hand on the tiller at the very highest levels. People might mock but it’s easy to mock. Philip Lowe wants us to take a bow! I don’t think we … Continue reading

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Strategic voting and avoiding a no-deal Brexit

Things are shaping up for extraordinary developments in the UK, and I’m not talking about Brexit. Well, I am, but not directly. I’m talking about strategic or tactical voting. In Australia we are mightily protected from such dilemmas by preferential or instant … Continue reading

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The Italian Vilm Vestabule

  Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks The Champion (Opening Night) Christian Ferro is a young superstar striker for Roma. Growing up in a rough area is a far cry from the millionaire lifestyle he is now living, … Continue reading

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