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You get what you pay for: MP’s edition

Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians are Paid? by Duha T. Altindag, Elif S. Filiz, Erdal Tekin – #23613 (LS POL) Abstract: An important question in representative democracies is how to ensure that politicians behave in the best … Continue reading

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Blitz and bullet chess: Carlsen v Nakamura

If you’ve got a bit of an appreciation of chess, this is a lot of fun. I’ve been watching it on and off today giving myself a little sugar hit by watching a game to take a break from doing other work. This is … Continue reading

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Tennis before larger racquet heads

Noticing my checking of vids of Wimbledon, Youtube has been serving up far too many excerpts of tennis for my own good but I’ve got a bit of a fascination with how the game has changed. Anyway, this is as … Continue reading

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Garbage in, garbage out and civil service effectiveness

The often good Institute for Government has added to the world’s league ladders. As Woody Allen says in Annie Hall “All you people do in California is give away awards. Adolf Hitler: Greatest Fascist Dictator”. Anyway, who doesn’t need an effective … Continue reading

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The Overton window – Overton juggernaut Science edition: Part 4

I’ve written about the Overton window previously. 1 Of its crazy, gravitational pull. Of the way in which things are outside the Overton window, not because they would offend anyone, not because there’s big money out to stop them but just, … Continue reading

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Scandinavian film festival

Why do the Swedes put barcodes on their ships? So they can Scandinavian. (Sorry about that). More seriously, this looks like a good haul of films. Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks The Other Side of Hope (Opening … Continue reading

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Computer game bludgers: SHOCK

Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men by Mark Aguiar, Mark Bils, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Erik Hurst Abstract: Younger men, ages 21 to 30, exhibited a larger decline in work hours over the last fifteen years than older … Continue reading

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