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Patricia Edgar: What are Children’s Television Programs and should we preserve them? Part One of Three

‘Tell me a story!’ What child has not expressed those words? Children find the fantasy world a story transports them into, comforting, entertaining and enlightening. As a prelude to sleep stories allow them to dream the impossible. They explain the … Continue reading

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The Italian Film Festival: coming to a Palace Cinema near you

And sing out below if you’re planning to go to a film – perhaps we could encourage some visits to the cinema by the TLA (Troppo Latte Auxiliary). Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks Let Yourself Go! (Opening Night) Dr. Elia … Continue reading

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Can countries heavily in debt ‘afford’ fiscal stimulus in the right circumstances: Hint– probably

Fiscal Stimulus and Fiscal Sustainability by Alan J. Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko – #23789 (EFG PE) Abstract: The Great Recession and the Global Financial Crisis have left many developed countries with low interest rates and high levels of public debt, thus … Continue reading

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Liberalising Marijuana laws doesn’t seem to promote use much

The Effects of Marijuana Liberalizations: Evidence from Monitoring the Future by Angela K. Dills, Sietse Goffard, Jeffrey Miron – #23779 (HE LE PE) Abstract: By the end of 2016, 28 states had liberalized their marijuana laws: by decriminalizing possession, by … Continue reading

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Solidarity when there are first mover options: Bankers starting to consider their political options

This is from Ian Rogers’ regular newsletter for the financial industry. There may be a dash for the exits from the rowdy sanctums of the Australian Bankers Association, with more than one bank jostling for first mover advantage and any … Continue reading

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Selection by lot and international relations

Selection by lot is a simple idea, so it’s not surprising that it can be useful in many situations. Whenever I see institutional dysfunction or idiocy, I think “how could selection by lot improve things?” In a discussion last week with the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in an echo-chamber near you …

It twigged with me a few years ago just how biased economic discussion is towards things economists or their audience would like to know, rather than what economists can or do know. As with those interminable pre-match footy commentaries, economists can add very … Continue reading

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