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Resurrection of the History Wars

As you can see from the above image,  the Daily Telegraph revived John Howard’s History Wars the other day. Indeed they even disinterred Howard’s favourite undead RWNJ historian Keith Windschuttle to lend an air of faux integrity to the whole … Continue reading

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Proroguing Parliament, double dissolution elections and other constitutional delights

It appears clear that the Governor-General (acting on the advice of the Prime Minister as per Westminster convention) can under Constitution section 5 prorogue the current Parliament and then appoint a new session to commence on 18 April. Presumably that … Continue reading

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On mooted High Court challenges to Senate voting reforms

Some interesting constitutional questions seem to have arisen in the wake of Thursday/Friday’s marathon Senate sitting which passed voting reforms for that House.  Both Independent Senator Bob Day and veteran psephologist Malcolm Mackerras are threatening to launch High Court challenges … Continue reading

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Is Julian Assange about to get arrested? And what then?

Queensland boy Julian Assange seems set to walk out of the Ecuadorian embassy soon, hoping that the announcement by the UN human rights panel on the arbitrariness of his detention will protect him from being arrested. The baseline scenario is … Continue reading

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The impossible dream of competent NT government

Here for my sins is the text of another letter I have just submitted to the local Northern Territory News: Dear Editor The statement in your editorial of 2 December 2015 that “neither of the major political parties is in … Continue reading

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Is the NRL salary cap an “illegal cartel”?

I can only assume that op-ed pundit/pop historian Peter FitzSimons must have been wrapping his trademark red vanity hijab too tightly around his head and cutting off the blood supply to the brain.  It is the only plausible explanation for … Continue reading

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A puzzled reader’s guide to next week’s NT parliamentary “no confidence” motion

If next Tuesday’s Labor “no confidence” motion against the minority Giles Country Liberal government succeeds in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, it will mark the first real test of the 4 year fixed term election arrangements that have become increasingly … Continue reading

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