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A puzzled reader’s guide to next week’s NT parliamentary “no confidence” motion

If next Tuesday’s Labor “no confidence” motion against the minority Giles Country Liberal government succeeds in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, it will mark the first real test of the 4 year fixed term election arrangements that have become increasingly … Continue reading

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Northern Territory Statehood Push Offers Opportunity for Community Reflection

This article was published at UNSW’s Gilbert & Tobin Centre for Public Law site Australian Public Law. However they seem to be having some virus/accessibility issues so I am parking the article here for the moment. Statehood for the Northern … Continue reading

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A tragedy from beginning to end

Today marks the end of a 20 year saga that has indelibly scarred my life and those of my daughter Bec and former wife Jenny.  I’ve written partial accounts of it before here at Troppo.  I hope you’ll forgive another … Continue reading

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Terrorism, bikies and secret evidence

Could the High Court employ EU/UK/Canadian structured proportionality analysis recently embraced in McCloy v NSW  to achieve a viable constitutional resolution of the dilemma posed by the need to protect secret  national security information in anti-terrorism matters while at the same … Continue reading

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The Economic Costs of Organised Crime

I examine the post-war economic development of two regions in southern Italy exposed to mafia activity after the 1970s and apply synthetic control methods to estimate their economic performance in the absence of organised crime. The comparison of actual and … Continue reading

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NAAJA v NT – a wider perspective

Further to my post on Tuesday, the result in yesterday’s High Court decision in NAAJA v NT [2015] HCA 41 will not have made either side completely happy.  The Court upheld the validity of the NT government’s “paperless arrest” law … Continue reading

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The VCAT model – civil litigation revolution-in-progress

Nicholas Gruen recently posted about the high cost of civil court proceedings in Australia (and for that matter throughout the common law world): A more promising kind of imperialism would be the application of simple economic principles to the way … Continue reading

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