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Blitz and bullet chess: Carlsen v Nakamura

If you’ve got a bit of an appreciation of chess, this is a lot of fun. I’ve been watching it on and off today giving myself a little sugar hit by watching a game to take a break from doing other work. This is … Continue reading

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From the Department of Woops!

Both of the players of this game are pretty good. In the illustrated position it’s black’s move. Black won the game, but only because white managed to resign in a won position. You can see the game here.

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Magnus Magnus Clever Clever

Black to play Stefansson vs Carlsen 21. …? See game for solution. about our puzzles

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Carlsen and the world championship

After a very gruelling 11 rounds of classical chess which produced nine draws and one win for either side, Magnus Carlsen surprised most people by not trying very hard for a win in his final ‘classical’ game with challenger Sergey … Continue reading

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It’s a Puzzle

Black to play N Batsiashvili vs N Zhukova 22. …? See game for solution. This may be a two star puzzle, but I couldn’t get it out. Can you? Click through to the game for the answer.

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Anton Smirnov: Year 9 Australian kid currently playing better than all but 36 other human beings

Anton Smirnov, who turned 15 this year even if he looks a fair bit younger than that, has been playing in the Australian team in the Chess Olympiad. He’s been playing at a rating strength of 2710 which places him 37th in … Continue reading

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Smerdon v Carlsen 1/2-1/2

Australian Chess Grandmaster and one time Treasury economist David Smerdon is at the Chess Olympiad in Baku and managed to get Magnus Carlsen into a fair bit of trouble, before settling for an easy draw. Here’s the game if you want to look at … Continue reading

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