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Neoliberal? Moi?

Though wildly tendentious, this  piece by Monbiot is an excellent spray against neoliberalism, a subject with which your correspondent has a vexed relation. I used to describe myself as a neoliberal, but now I’m afraid due to a mixture of distaste at its excesses and the … Continue reading

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Countering the nattering nabobs of negativism on high speed rail

This post is a follow-up to one I wrote last week (see the latter half of it) and also a response to a more recent post by David Walker. I certainly wouldn’t argue with David’s assertion that a Sydney-Brisbane Very … Continue reading

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I don’t care who wins the federal election …

For mainstream and social media partisans the current prolonged election campaign is an essential life or death struggle for premiership victory by one’s chosen team. But to my way of thinking it doesn’t really matter very much which team wins.  … Continue reading

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The need for Internet speed

Apparently Labor doesn’t intend reverting to the full Fibre to the Premises (“FTP”) version of the National Broadband Network it previously championed if returned to government later this year: The opposition leader admitted that he would not unpick all of the Coalition’s … Continue reading

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Malcolm’s Big Idea – VFT Infrastructure PM?

Last week’s adventure in federalism by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in which he proposed fleetingly that the states be given back their own income taxing power including (after a transitional period) the ability to either raise or lower the tax … Continue reading

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Resurrection of the History Wars

As you can see from the above image,  the Daily Telegraph revived John Howard’s History Wars the other day. Indeed they even disinterred Howard’s favourite undead RWNJ historian Keith Windschuttle to lend an air of faux integrity to the whole … Continue reading

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The death of newspapers: does it matter?

With Fairfax culling 120 journalists (in the wake of previous mass redundancies), Murdoch/News apparently contemplating more cuts, and newspapers in general losing money hand over fist, some pundits are suggesting that Fairfax at least is likely to stop publishing the … Continue reading

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