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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf minority government?

Will the Coalition get to 76 seats? The ABC’s Barry Cassidy ‘can’t see that happening’. But is the prospect of minority government really as horrific as much of the media is portraying? The only real problem (for both Malcolm Turnbull … Continue reading

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Vox pop democracy and the division of cognitive labour

In the last post,Paul Frijters dismissed my proposal that deliberative democracy mechanisms should have had some role in the Brexit decision. I don’t think sortition makes any sense in the case of something like Brexit. The notion that a jury of randomly chosen citizens … Continue reading

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Brexit and deliberative democracy

I fantasise about the day when the people who fancy themselves the champions of liberal capitalist democracy – you know the Business Class set – will realise that they are munching through the landscape and, as Schumpeter argued – following Marx – … Continue reading

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What does it all mean?

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The employment perils of social media

La Trobe University has now retreated from acting against academic Roz Ward (as I suggest below that it should).  However I concluded it was still worth publishing this post, because it analyses important constitutional and legal issues that arise repeatedly … Continue reading

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More Uber musings

Chris Lloyd’s comment on my previous Uber post prompt some further thoughts that I think merit a separate post.  Chris said: “If you want to make a living off of Uber, you’re going to have to drive an insane number … Continue reading

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Taxis, Uber and a fair day’s pay

A story in this morning’s media highlights the vulnerable position of pseudo self-employed “independent” contractors under Australian law: A Perth-based Uber driver is suing the Silicon Valley giant for terminating him without notice, leaving him with $80,000 worth of car loans – one of which he says was spruiked by Uber. … Continue reading

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