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George Bush, Bruno Latour and the end of postmodernism

For discussion: one of the far right’s greatest achievements in the past decade has been to show post-modernists how wrong they were. Let me explain. In a famous 2004 article on the Iraq War, the New York Times journalist Ron … Continue reading

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An overheard bus conversation. Recounted without comment.

A) Hey, you know what today is? Invasion Day! B) What? A) Invasion Day. B) Invasion Day? A) Yeah,  ’cause it’s the day they invaded us Kooris. B)  Oh, InVASion Day A) So all those people wearing Australian flags are … Continue reading

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Urban Planning and Corporate Governance.

The Sydney Morning Herald has been trumpeting a study they supported by on the future of Sydney’s public transport and urban structure. Beneath the being overly pleased with themselves, with we’re above petty politics harrumphing there is a genuine effort … Continue reading

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Google’s doodle boo boo?

Google removes Aboriginal flag from winning Doodle 4 Google entry Last year 11 year old Jessie Du won Google’s Doodle 4 Google competition with her entry ‘Australia Forever’. Displayed on Google’s homepage for Australia Day, the doodle features Australian animals … Continue reading

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Quantifying Institutions Part 2 : Religion AND Politics

In the first post of this series I described recent work in empirical institutional economics and why I thought the work pursued a virtuous end but was compromised by the use of poor institutional measures. Today I will introduce a … Continue reading

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Cocktails for carnivores

"I expected it to taste greasy and salty;" writes Clay Risen, "instead it was dry and smoky, with a hint of meat." Across America cocktail bars are serving up bourbon cocktails flavoured with bacon. In the Atlantic Risen explains the … Continue reading

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Weiners & Gorge

"Eat our weiners and gorge", says the sign on this Los Angeles fast food joint. Every time I look at this photo I wonder what that means. Is it an invitation to overeat? Is gorge the name of some American … Continue reading

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